Wednesday, September 11, 2013

David Greene takes on Aaron Murray's critics.

David Green (right) with BFF David Pollack (left).

David Greene, the winningest quarterback in Georgia history, and BFF of David Pollack had some things to say about the critics of current Georgia QB Aaron Murray. More to the point, he had some things to say about the criticism that Murray can't win the "Big Game." 

“It’s unfair how guys get labeled, because, honestly, a quarterback’s play doesn’t always correlate to a win,” David Greene said Tuesday. “Let’s face it, there’s a lot of great quarterbacks that played in college and the professional ranks that didn’t win championships, and it wasn’t just because of the way he played. Dan Marino, for example, one of the best quarterbacks ever, didn’t win a Super Bowl. But was it his fault he didn’t win a Super Bowl?”

Murray may have alleviated some criticism of him after Saturday's win against South Carolina, but with high-profile games against LSU, and Florida looming close on the horizon, and a Tennessee game that could be, Murray still has a lot to shut down the critics for good.

(via The Macon Telegraph)

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