Thursday, September 12, 2013

Charles Barkley "annoyed" by Johnny Manziel, compares him to Miley Cyrus.

Does Charles Barkley have an opinion on Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel? Of course he does, and it's negative enough to cause the NBA legend, who played for Auburn in college to root for Alabama this weekend when the Crimson Tide face Manziel and the Aggies this weekend in College Station.

Barkley shared his opinions on Manziel  ESPN 1100 in Chicago's Waddle and Silvey program.

"I never thought I would say those words. I am so close to saying 'Roll Tide.' Johnny Manziel is annoying me so much. I'm really close to saying 'Roll Tide.'"

Naturally, Sir Charles doesn't care if the Auburn faithful (War Eagle) feathers are ruffled.

"They're not going to be happy," Barkley admitted. "But let me tell you something. Johnny Manziel, oh my God, the only thing saving Manziel is Miley Cyrus."

"I just think that Johnny Manziel has done a lot of stupid stuff in the last three or four months."
All I'm gonna say about Barkley's Manziel-Cyrus comment is this: If there's not a sign on ESPN College GameDay this weekend in College Station where Miley Cyrus is twerking Johnny Football in his Scooby-Doo costume, I'm gonna be do disappointed.  

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