Monday, September 16, 2013

Audio tape features Bo Pelili cussing out Nebraska fans.

Bo Pelini photo via USA Today.

Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini is on the hot seat after a bad loss to UCLA on Saturday. It's might just get a whole lot hotter as Deadspin has posted an audio clip of Pelini dropping F-bombs like he was singing CeeLo Green's "F*** You" on karaoke night.

Deadspin's Don Costello describes the audiotape the audio clip comes from as being recorded after Nebraska's  Oct. 8, 2011 victory over Ohio State (or so the unshockingly anonymous provider of the clip claims). Pelini was preparing for a postgame interview with the Husker Sports Network's Greg Sharpe. He most probably didn't know he was being recorded as he proceeded to go off on an unnamed Omaha World-Herald employee, World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel, and then on fans who left the game early at halftime before the Huskers came back to beat the Buckeyes.

Just a sampling of what Pelini said about the fans. 

"...Our crowd. What a bunch of f**king fair-weather f**king—they can all kiss my a** out the f**king door. 'Cause the day is fucking coming now. We'll see what they can do when I'm f**king gone. I'm so **king p***ed off."

That day could be coming sooner than Pelini thinks. 

(via Deadspin)

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