Friday, August 16, 2013

Mark Richt lost control of a pair of hair clippers, got a buzzcut.

Major news out of Athens on Thursday. Mark Richt has lost control of a pair of clippers. Or at least somebody lost control of a pair of clippers, and they just happened to be going through the Georgia head football coaches hair. Richt explained to Mark Bradley the events surrounding the buzzcut.

Your hair is shorter. What happened?
“I got tired of messing with it. My wife actually cut her hair short not too long ago, so I thought I’d go ahead and join the party. Whether I keep it this way, I don’t know. I’ve got to live with it for a minute. The funny thing was, I did it Monday, and Tuesday just happened to be my eight-different-PSAs (public-service announcements) day.”

Judging from Richt's interview, it doesn't sound like he was happy with how the new crewcut turned out. So don't be surprised if he's you see him wearing hats more often in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, EDSBS' Spencer Hall celebrated Richt's buzzing in a way that only a brilliant but demented Florida alum could - by parodying Pavement's "Cut Your Hair."

"Mark Richt don't you go and cut your hair
Don't you know it's gonna make you age
He's just a boy with two haircuts
(and those are pretty nice haircuts)"

Yeah, this haircut may be the worst massacre Richt's faced since the Alabama "Blackout" debacle of 2008. 

(via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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Eric Schrader, CAPS said...

Mark richt's hair always looked like he put a pot on his head and cut around it. His neckline was always crooked.