Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gene Stallings refuses to believe allegations against Johnny Manziel.

Gene Stalllings from his Texas A&M coaching days.

Former Alabama head football coach Gene Stallings believes Johnny Manziel is innocent of charges that he was paid to sign autographs. At least that's that the  story the coach, whose first job as a HC was at Texas A&M, told the audience at SMU's Kickoff Luncheon when asked about the controversy surrounding the embattled Aggies' starting quarterback, and he's sticking to it.
"You know, you either did it or you didn't do it," said Stallings, according to The Dallas Morning News. "Somewhere along the line, if we do something we shouldn't, we're penalized a little bit. If he didn't do anything illegal, play all the games."

A school investigation is ongoing.

"What I really hope is that he signed those autographs thinking they went to people that were fans of his and didn't receive any money. That's what I'm going to believe until I'm told otherwise."

One thing's for sure. If they ever produce a film version of Hogan's Heroes, Stallings would make a fine Sergeant Schultz

Why Stallings was speaking at an SMU event is another thing altogether.  I'll just assume Craig James was two busy killing another hooker unavailable due to other prior commitments. 


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