Monday, August 12, 2013

Auburn fans roll "temporary wire structure" at Toomer's Corner to celebrate Jason Duffner's PGA Championship.

Auburn Tigers 

Former Auburn men's golf team member Jason Dufner won his major tournament by taking home the PGA Championship on Sunday. Not surprisingly Auburn fans celebrated like Auburn fans have celebrated for generations in the Loveliest Village on the Plains by rolling Toomer's Corner. Sadly, with the legendary oaks that stood at the site removed after noble, but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to save them from poisoning failed, the fans had to make do with hurling their toilet paper rolls at what's being called a 'temporary wire structure."

Plans call for new trees to be planted before the start of the 2014 college football season, as part of a redevelopment project of Toomer's Corner and the downtown Auburn area.

In the meantime, the Auburn faithful had to settle celebrating Dufner's with tossing toilet paper over wires, and "Dufnering" by the Gates of Toomer's Corner. All the while probably wishing they could shove a few golf clubs in parts of Harvey Updyke's body that God never intended golf clubs to be shoved into.

What's "Dufnering, you ask?

It's imitating the sitting position and "serious" face Jason Dufner was making in a photo while visiting a Dallas-area community center. Fellow pro golfers proceeded to mock Dufner online by making similar positions and faces. This included Dufner himself, Dufnering in the Auburn weight room, of all places.


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