Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aaron Murray is wearing contacts off-the-field, but not in games (at least not yet).

Football is a contact sport. Don't tell that to Georgia starting quarterback and new contact wearer Aaron Murray, who says he won't be wearing them during games.

News of Murray's wearing of contacts broke on Tuesday, when the Heisman Trophy candidate met with reporters. He says that he "just started wearing contacts like a week ago. I wear them during the day so my eyes can get used to them.”

Murray explained the contacts are more for the classroom than the gridiron.

 “It’s fine,” he said. “It really is just in class if I’m sitting in the back and the small words on the screen get me in a little trouble. Really my eyes aren’t bad at all. It’s just more for classroom stuff.”

Murray says he doesn’t need to wear them in games.

“Probably not right away,” Murray said. “I don’t know. Definitely not this week. I’m not wearing them during the game. I’m not used to them yet.”

Well, that will be enough to freak out the Bulldog nation before the Dawgs' season opener on Saturday at Clemson. Just wait till speculation on whether Murray's vision issues led to the Dawgs' loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game last season.  

(via The Athens Banner-Herald, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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