Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paul Finebaum's NFL knowledge is out of date.

SEC media gadfly in exile Paul FInebaum may know his college football, but as this reply to al.com's Matt Scalici shows, his knowledge of the pros is rather limited. Or at least somewhat out-of-date.


Uh, the NFL Central ceased to exist when the NFL and AFL merged, Paul. It evolved the NFC Central afterward. The NFC Central went the way of the Canton Bulldogs when the NFL went to four divisions per conference back in 2002.

But thanks for the attempt at humor anyway, PAWL.

EDIT: Looks like Paul deleted the original (which explains why the tweet didn't get fully embedded). and fixed it to be more up-to-date:

I've got to think Bama would have some serious problems dealing with New Orleans and Atlanta (hi, Julio Jones!) , and probably Carolina (hi, Cam Newton!) as well. 

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