Monday, July 8, 2013

Baylor adds former rugby-playing recruit from Australia.

Peni Tagive. Photo via Wikipedia.
Baylor can thank the Madden NFL franchise with landing the Bears' latest recruit. Peni Tagive, a 24-year-old former rugby player born in Australia, says he got interested in American-style football through the video game franchise.

"Almost immediately, I was hooked," he says. "It was through the game that I really picked up the sport, the rules, really started taking a much closer interest in the NFL.

"Then last year at the Roosters, we were doing a signing session and I got talking to someone who played American football in Sydney. When I mentioned about maybe taking up the sport, he gave me the phone number for his coach, a guy called Paul Manera, so I gave him a call."

A former member of the Sydney Roosters, Tagive left the team to enroll in an Australian university to be become academically eligible to play for an American college football team.

(via The Melbourne Herald. HT: Turfburner)

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