Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Former USC player claims Ed Orgeron cussed him out for attending class.

Ed Orgeron. Photo:

Bob DeMars, a former USC defensive lineman,  has claimed that Trojan defensive lines coach Ed Orgeron cussed him out  for having the audacity of going to class. DeMars, who was a DL on the USC football team from 1997-2001, told Time reporter Sean Gregory how Orgeron, then at his first stint at USC,  expressed his unhappiness about his having to leave practice early once a week to attend a statistics class required for his business major during one semester.

"In order to show up on time for a required statistics course one semester, he says he had to leave spring practice twenty minutes early, once a week. His defensive line coach, Ed Orgeron, wasn’t happy. You motherf—-r, DeMars remembers Orgeron, who went on to become head coach at Ole Miss from 2005 to 2007, and is now back at USC as assistant head coach, shouting at him. “He M-F’d me all over the place,” says DeMars. “He made me feel like a bad person for going to class.”

USC athletic director Pat Haden claims that "all our football practices have been open to the media and players’ families since before Bob was here, and have been open to the public for most of that time as well. The transparency of practice would have brought to light this type of alleged inappropriate behavior. We also have high standards for our coaches and monitor and evaluate them as we would any of our employees.”

Orgeron was unavailable for comment.

DeMars has gone on to become a filmmaker. He currently has a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next project, a documentary on college football called The Business of Amateurs. Time reports former USC quarterback Matt Barkley has donated money for the project, which has collected $20,547 of its $30,000 goal.

(via Time. HT: Mark Helm at, who also reminded the world about the legendary music video about Orgeron's days as Ole Miss head football coach.)

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