Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will Muschamp uses SEC schedule to defend playing non-conference chum.

Critics of Florida's usual out-of-conference schedule, which oft times resembles a concoction somewhere between cupcake and cream-puff, will probably me mildly refreshed with this season. Mixed in with traditional season-ending rivalry game with Florida State, and probable squash-games with Toledo and Georgia Southern, is a showdown in Sun-Life Stadium against Miami. It may not be much compared to the Hurricane teams of old, but it's a step up from the norm at least.

Don't expect that to be the norm going forward, though, Florida head football coach Will Muschamp feels the Gators' in-conference SEC schedule is tough enough for the team.

“Our strength of schedule in the Southeastern Conference is sufficient,” Muschamp said before a speaking engagement with the Central Florida Gator Club."

Which is of course debatable, as the strongest SEC teams Florida will face this season are Georgia, South Carolina, and LSU, all of which are quite beatable. Especially Georgia, which could set itself for a letdown this season in Jacksonville after two years of beating the Gators. 

Beyond that, the Gators have a not-quite-easy-but-not-that-formidable- either conference lineup of Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and Vanderbilt. Possibly a bit of a challenge, but probably not enough to trip up the Gators this season.

(via The Gainesville Sun)