Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NCAA rules committee bans hashtags on the football field, actually gets something right.

Once in a blue moon the NCAA rules committee gets something right. The committee announced on Wednesday that it was putting the kibosh on the trend of college programs putting hashtags and URLs  on the football field. Here's the rundown of what is and isn't allowed on the gridiron.

NCAA logo
Conference logo
College/university name and logo
Team name and logo
Name of the commercial entity with purchased naming rights to the
facility in no more than two locations (Note: the entity's commercial
logo is not allowed.)

Postseason game: Name/commercial logo of only the title sponsor
associated with the name of the postseason game. There may be a
maximum of three such advertisements: a single advertisement
centered on the 50-yard line and no more than two smaller flanking
advertisements. These advertisements must adhere to paragraph 2
below. No other advertisements, either by the title sponsor or by any
other commercial entity, may be on the field.

All other items, including social media designations such as URL's and hashtags, are

The NCAA apparently wasn't too keen on things like Mississippi State painting #SNOWBOWL12 in the endzones for the Texas A&M-Miss. St. game. It certainly was a trend that was bound to get even sillier as time went on. The URL ban, on the other hand, may be a little too overboard.

(via CBS Sports)