Monday, May 20, 2013

Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz was called "Fetus-Head" by high school teammates.

Did you ever have a nickname in high school or college that embarrassed you? One so bad you would spend nights awake in bed plotting the deaths of every single person that called to that name? One where you has a specific cruel and torturous end for the person that came up with the name? One that if you had a parent that called you by that name, you planned to cut off contact with them and their potential grandchildren? One where...

Uh, excuse me, getting a little off course there.

(*Takes deep breath. Calls Therapist*)

Anyhow, Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz was asked by the Des Moines Register if he had an embarrassing nickname in high school or college. Naturally, he did. It was also one so spectacularly embarrassing that it probably blows your being called something rude and obnoxious out of the water.

Why? He was called "Fetus-Head."

“Fetus Head, that was one. Helmets didn’t fit so well back in the day. I’ve got a head that’s kind of shaped like an almond, I guess. So, yeah. I used to have a big lump that would form over my head (pointing to bridge of nose). That probably explains some of my problems and my issues right now — 35 years later.

“During football season, I tended to look like a Neanderthal creature. So a couple of my friends came up with the nickname Fetus-Head Ferentz.”

Well, that probably beats what you were called in high school by a mile. You can imagine Iowa fans who haven't been too happy with Ferentz record over the past couple of seasons will be storing that one away for next season.

(via The Des Moines Register. HT: Black Heart Gold Pants)

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