Thursday, May 30, 2013

American Athletic Conference unleashes new logo.

The American Athletic Conference (aka the former FBS division football-playing members of the Big East) has unveiled it's new logo via USA Today early Thursday morning. That brings the conference one step closer to it's inaugural season this fall. 

New Jersey-based ad agency MadCreek Advertising designed the logo for "The American." That is the conference's preferred shortened version of it's name, as "AAC" is too close for comfort to "ACC," the conference most notorious for stealing former Big East schools. 

The American commissioner Mike Aresco described the logo as a "bold look." I honestly wouldn't go that far. While  the block-style A is admittedly classically collegiate, it's also a little clunky looking . Also, the red star with the elongated top point looks kind of awkward, as if some was desperately trying to figure out a way to make the viewer not associate it with a) the Heineken red star, b) the communist red star (a even bigger no-no for an "American Athletic Conference"), or c) the "Throwgasm" star star from Drew Magary's "Jamberoo" columns on Deadspin.  

The logo could have looked a little more modern, but it's still not mind-numbingly terrible. Which probably can't be said about many of the games for The American's inaugural season. 

(via USA Today)

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