Friday, May 31, 2013

(VIDEO) Les Miles rappelling down a building? Les Miles rappelling down a building.

Les Miles rappelled down Baton Rouge's One American Place Building on Thursday. Just another ordinary day in the life of the LSU head football coach, right? Actually, it was part of a promotion for the Louisiana Family Forum's  "Over the Edge for Adoption"campaign for adoption awareness. Never let it be said that The Mad Hatter won't do anything for a good cause.

Here's video of the event, along information about the "Over the Edge Campaign."

(via Next Impulse Sports)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

American Athletic Conference unleashes new logo.

The American Athletic Conference (aka the former FBS division football-playing members of the Big East) has unveiled it's new logo via USA Today early Thursday morning. That brings the conference one step closer to it's inaugural season this fall. 

New Jersey-based ad agency MadCreek Advertising designed the logo for "The American." That is the conference's preferred shortened version of it's name, as "AAC" is too close for comfort to "ACC," the conference most notorious for stealing former Big East schools. 

The American commissioner Mike Aresco described the logo as a "bold look." I honestly wouldn't go that far. While  the block-style A is admittedly classically collegiate, it's also a little clunky looking . Also, the red star with the elongated top point looks kind of awkward, as if some was desperately trying to figure out a way to make the viewer not associate it with a) the Heineken red star, b) the communist red star (a even bigger no-no for an "American Athletic Conference"), or c) the "Throwgasm" star star from Drew Magary's "Jamberoo" columns on Deadspin.  

The logo could have looked a little more modern, but it's still not mind-numbingly terrible. Which probably can't be said about many of the games for The American's inaugural season. 

(via USA Today)

An Alabama wrestling title belt? An Alabama wrestling title belt

Is there really anything that needs to be said about a picture that obviously speaks for itself? Well maybe that it actually took this long apparently to produce one of these things. Other than that, an Alabama title belt may be the least shocking thing Alabama-related thing ever made.

The worst part of this all is that this belt honoring Bama's 67 15 national titles actually looks better than the current WWE championship belt, which looks absolutely terrible with its chicken scratch WWE logo encrusted in gold and "jewels" (Seriously, WWE, that "Attitude Era" logo needs to be updated.

(via Husk Guys)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Tentacles: Karen Hermann and Rutgers, Northwestern, Purdue, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and it's influence in college football. 

The thing that won't go away.
Mike Fiammetta looks how the controversy involving Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann, and why it's a problem for the Big Ten even though Rutgers doesn't officially join the conference until 2014. (Bucky's 5th Quarter)

Michigan State player profile of the day.
Will Nahikian profiles Michigan State defensive back Darqueze Dennard. (The B1G Time)

How Lowry can you go?
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern defensive end Dean Lowry. (Sippin' on Purple)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes? 
Nick Korger looks at Wisconsin's running back situation of the heels of the departure of Montee Ball to the NFL. (Bucky's 5th Quarter)

Spartan no more.
Michigan State offensive tackle Skyler Burkland is reportedly retiring from football due to injuries suffered in 2011. (The Detroit Free Press)

Purdue-due-due Pur-da-da-da. 
Purdue week at Off Tackle Empire continues with a look at first-year Boilermaker head football coach Darrell Hazell and his staff.

Life of Ryan.
James Collins profiles Purdue defensive end Ryan DeBusk. (Hammer & Rails)

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.
A Lion Eye looks at the hampering Illinois' climb out of the Big Ten cellar.  


Wildcat recruiting.
Kansas high school rising senior defensive tackle Fred Wyatt commits to Northwestern's 2014 recruiting class. (Lake the Posts)

Buckeye recruiting.
Bret Favachio looks at Ohio State recruiting. (Land-Grant Holy Land)


Games People Play.
A selection of Purdue-themed board games, including Ticket to Ride: Purdue, Purdue Rico, Sorry You Tore Your ACL!, and Settlers of Purdue. It's Black Heart Gold Pants-level satire from Off Tackle Empire.

And speaking of BHGP...
BHGP's Horace E. Cow has come up with a trophy for the Iowa-Northern Illinois game. Yes, I said Iowa-Northern Illinois.

Nick Saban ponders how to stop Johnny Manziel.

Alabama's loss to Texas A&M last season was the only mark against the Crimson Tide on the road to team's 39th 15th national title. The credit for the vast majority of that loss has to be given to the performance of Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel, who managed to confound the 'Bama offense. That's not even counting Manziel's now-legendary "bobble" pass.

The loss to the Aggies is naturally something that Alabama head football coach Nick Saban would like to try to avoid happening again this season. Part of that is knowing what makes Johnny Manziel such a dangerous player on the field.

"We thought he was a fantastic player last year and really tried to prepare for him, but he has such a good, instinctive feel for scrambling and making plays and ad-libbing and making something happen when there's nothing there," Alabama coach Nick Saban said. "That's kind of hard to prepare for."

Saban also said that defending Manziel "The players just have to play with extreme discipline in terms of doing their job and paying attention to leverage and containing and all kinds of things."

Alabama will face Texas A&M in College Station, Tx. on Sept. 14.


Covering Dixie: Josh-Harvey Clemons suspension fallout, Bret Bielema states the obvious, Nick Saban, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

The above picture is the famous double-barreled cannon in Athens, Ga. The perfect metaphor for Georgia, which like the cannon usually looks better on paper.

This one's gonna hurt. 
Seth Emerson takes a look at the impact Georgia safety Josh Harvey-Clemons' one-game suspension will have on the Dawgs' season opener against Clemson. Harvey-Clemons was suspended yesterday for violating the school's drug policy. (The Macon Telegraph)

This behavior's not unique.
Does Harvey-Clemons' suspension bring up the subject of previous drug-related incidents involving Georgia players? Of course it does. (ESPN)

Least. Shocking. News. Ever. Of the day.
Recalling his time with Wisconsin in the Big Ten, First-year Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema confessed that "In the Big Ten, we disliked the SEC because of the success they had." (Madtown Badgers)

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word.
Alabama HC Nick Saban says that he's received apologies from both Florida HC Will Muschamp and Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley for the incident where Gator offensive lines coach Tim Davis called him "The Devil himself. (

There's strong. Then there's Temario Strong.*
Hugh Kellenberger profiles Ole Miss linebacker Temario Strong. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

But that trick never works!
Team Speed Kills tries to put an end to claims the SEC's non-conference schedule is too weak.

This just in...
LSU doesn't like cross-division rivals. (The New Orleans-Times Picayune)

On to more important stuff.
Track 'Em Tigers looks at attempts to improve the tailgating experience at Auburn.

*Apoligies to the U.S. Army.

Could LSU-Texas A&M game be played on Thanksgiving weekend in the future?

LSU's defense tries to stop you-know-who.

LSU's final opponent of the regular season has since 1992 has been Arkansas. The one exception to this was in 2001, when the Tigers' game against Auburn was pushed back to the end of the season due to 9-11. That could all change, as LSU athletic director Joe Alleva announced that the game may be moved to an earlier slot on the schedule, and replaced with LSU's newest SEC West rival, Texas A&M.
The game could possibly even be played on Thanksgiving, though Alleva didn't seem to be too keen on the idea.

"That's a possibility and a subject to discussion in these meetings here," Alleva said. "It's a possibility. I think our fans would embrace playing A&M at the end of the year. I'm not a big fan of (playing on) Thanksgiving Day. Not in Tiger Stadium, any way.

An LSU-Texas A&M season-ending rivalry game could be huge for the SEC, but probably won't stay around for long. Sooner or later, Texas A&M and Texas are going to make up and renew their end-of-the-year rivalry. But seeing the Aggies play the Tigers Thanksgiving weekend would be a perfect substitute until that happens.

(via The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Mark Richt hasn't watched replays of Georgia's loss to Alabama in 2012 SEC title game.

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt admitted on Tuesday that he hasn't quite gotten over the Dawgs' loss to Alabama in the SEC title game yet. Richt's confession came while he was attending the SEC's spring meetings in Destin, Florida.

Richt has been so traumatized by the event that he outside of watching coaches' film after the game, he hasn't watched a repeat of the game since then.

The game was six months ago.

 "A lot of times you need the time to process, and then go back and watch it again, and maybe, you might have a different feeling about something," Richt said. "But right now, I feel like our coaches prepared well, I feel like our game plan was good, I feel like we executed well, I feel like our players played their tails off. Both teams, I feel like both teams played beautifully, and it was just one epic battle that we came up on the short end of."

Richt's hesitation to watch the Dawgs' loss to Alabama should come as no shock. Huge losses are traumatic events in the Bulldog Nation. Many Dawg fans are still shellshocked over UGA's 2008 loss to Alabama. (The team hasn't worn black jersey's since then.) Richt may need to talk with Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, or somebody over this.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baylor reveals 2013 uniforms.

Baylor has released a video showing off the 2013 season uniforms that Uncle Phil's Misguided Children at Nike have come up with. 

That's running back Lache Seastrunk doing the Heisman pose around the 0:47 mark. Wishful thinking, perhaps? A certain other resident of Texas might have something to say about that.

One other thing: Use of Imagine Dragons' in videos and promos is growing tiresome.  

(via CBS Sports)

Georgia safety Josh Harvey-Clemmons suspended from season opener for violating student-athlete drug policy.

So much for a relatively quiet Georgia offseason. Bulldog head football coach Mark Richt as announced that safety-linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons has been suspended for the Dawgs' season opener against Clemson. The reason given for Harvey-Clemons' suspension was "a violation of the UGA student-athlete drug policy."

SB*Nation is reporting the suspension is for marijuana use, resulting from an incident on May 15.

"On May 15, police were reportedly called to a dorm room on campus where an odor of marijuana was detected. Inside, Harvey-Clemons and tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith admitted they had "smoked a blunt," but officers were unable to find marijuana in the room, although the pair were said to have "exhibited signs of marijuana ingestion."

Although the players were advised that there wasn't enough physical evidence to warrant criminal prosecution, the incident was reported to the school and football coaches."

Flournoy-Smith has since transferred out from Georgia. 

Harvey-Clemons was the player whom as a recruit, worked for his grandfather's bail bondsman service. This led to an incident where Richt went to a Valdosta area jail with the elder Clemons' wife when Harvey-Clemons was on the job. Neither Richt nor Harvey-Clemons' grandfather are probably not happy with him right now.

Read more here:

Big Tentacles: Taylor Martinez, Michigan, Jabrill Peppers, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and it's influence on college football. 

Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. 
Andrew Coppens profiles Nebraska starting quarterback Taylor Martinez. (The Crystal Ball Run)

Up in the Air. 
The college football gurus aren't united in proclaiming who the favorite is to win the Big Ten Legends division in this coming season. (The Detroit Free Press)

The Awful Truth.
Bob Hunter points out that "Michigan wouldn't be much without Ohio," as it has historically relied on talent from the Buckeye State for it's success. This includes Ohio native and Wolverines head football coach Brady Hoke. (The Columbus Dispatch)

The Safety Dance.
Buckeye Empire profiles Ohio State safety Devan Bogard.

Purdue-due-due Pur-da-da-da.
Off Tackle Empire kicks off Purdue week. Well, somebody had to do it.

Great Scott! 
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern defensive end Tyler Scott. (Sippin' on Purple)

Thank you, sir. May I have another?
Roger Sherman profiles Northwestern defensive end Deonte Gibson. (Sippin' on Purple)

I Secondary That Emotion. 
Nick Korger takes a look at Wisconsin's secondary. (Bucky's 5th Quarter)


Maize and Blue Hot Chili Peppers.
New Jersey high school rising senior defensive back Jabrill Peppers, the second ranked player in the country, commits to Michigan's 2014 recruiting class. (Maize N Brew)

Covering Dixie: Everett Golson, Johnny Manziel, Bear Bryant, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC: All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Everybody Wants You.
A desire to return to Notre Dame in 2014 hasn't stopped interest in former ND quarterback Everett Golson from an unnamed SEC school (that's apparently not Ole Miss). (

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Frank Schwab begins looking at the "Reasons Johnny Manziel will win a second Heisman" with explaining why Heisman Trophy voters won't stand in the way of the Texas A&M starting QB from becoming the second player in college football history to win a the honor twice in a row. (Dr. Saturday)

New Kids on the Block.
Capstone Report looks at the "new faces" on Alabama's offensive line for the 2013 season.

And now it's time for a break down. 
Andrew Gribble breaks down the SEC's cross-division rivalries since 2003, with the exception of "new" cross-division rivals/ex-Big 12 rivals Missouri and Texas A&M. Because if it didn't happen in the SEC, it doesn't matter, right? (

Dawg May Afternoon. 
Mark Weiszer looks at what various members of the Gerogia football program have been doing during the "Maymester" period before summer classes begin. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Let's go camping.
The Mark Richt football camp will be on June 8. Georgia's Dawg Night Camp will be on June 12. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The ties that bind. 
Will Shelton waxes on the glories of Tennessee fans wearing orange ties on Sunday. Because wearing those orange pants on Sunday are still going to be a little awkward for a few years until Derek Dooley's years as the Vols' head football coach are comfortably out of sight. (Rocky Top Talk)

History lesson of the day. 
Hank Rippetoe looks back at how a ban on recruiting outside of the state of Kentucky in 1952  may have led to the departure of then-UK head football coach Bear Bryant two years later. (A Sea of Blue)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013.

Hoping y'all have a blessed Memorial Day, and that you take time to remember those who sacrificed all for our continued freedoms.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Fallout: Everett Golson fallout, Mike Slive, Kelly Davidson, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday news and notes. 

Gold Dome-it!
How are Notre Dame bloggers taking former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson's departure from the team? About what you'd expect. (One Foot Down)

There's a possibility, but no chance.
John Infante looks at if former ND quarterback Gunner Kiel could possibly return to South Bend after transferring to Cincinnati. Don't hold your breath. (Athnet)

What's in in for me?
Tom Fornelli looks at how Goldon's departure could effect Illinois' attempt to lure former Oklahoma State QB Wes Lunt to Champaign. (The Champaign Room)

Hero of the Day.
Matt Fortuna profiles Central Florida offensive lineman Kelly Davidson, who served two tours of duty in Iraq as a Marine before becoming a walk-on for the Knights in 2012. (ESPN)

I've seen the future, and it will be.
SEC commissioner Mike Slive looks at the future of the SEC, as well as his own legacy. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Date with Destin-y.
Jon Solomon previews this week's SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fl. (

Oh yes, I remember it well. 
Mike Griffith looks back at the hiring of Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio. (


Big Ten casting couch.
Luke Zimmerman looks at what would it be like if Big Ten schools were characters from Arrested Development. (Land-Grant Holy Land)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Everett Golson is an ex-Notre Dame quarterback.

Twitter exploded Saturday night with the news that quarterback Everett Golson is no longer a member of the Notre Dame football team. The sources at the school informed South Bend television station WNDU that Golson was "no longer enrolled at the university."

 Brian Hamilton of The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Golson's departure is the result of a "Res life" violation. Which apparently means there was a incident in the dorm rooms. There are also rumors of academic fraud.

Whatever the reason for Golson's departure, ND just got a huge setback to reaching the BCS title game again.

(via WNDU)

Oklahoma releases hype video for 2013.

The state of Oklahoma was rocked by the tornadoes that hit the city of Moore this past week. You can donate here for relief efforts.

That said, better times are on the way for the state, to prove it, the Oklahoma Sooners have released a hype video for the 2013 season.  College football will be back sooner (sorry) than you think.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Covering Dixie: Rivalries, recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off.
Kevin Scarbinsky takes LSU head football coach Les Miles' argument for getting rid of protected cross-division rivalry games by pointing out how the Alabama-Tennessee game has become nothing more than a guaranteed win for the Crimson Tide. Famous last words...(

Sudden Impact.
Chris Low looks at freshmen who could make an "immediate impact" in the 2013 season. He includes outside linebacker Jonathan Allen of Alabama, and running back Alex Collins of Arkansas. (ESPN)

Carolina in My Mind.
Garnet and Black Attack looks at South Carolina's season opener against North Carolina.


If it hadn't been for Cyontai Lewis, I'd been married long time ago.
Alabama high school junior tight end Cyontai Lewis commits to Florida's 2014 recruiting class. (The Gainesville Sun)

On the Road. 
Hank Rippetoe looks at Kentucky's recruiting prospects in the state of Florida. (A Sea of Blue)

Mississippi State recruiting. 
Mississippi JUCO offensive lineman Jocquell Johnson commits to Mississippi State's 2014 recruiting class. (Red Cup Rebellion)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Covering Dixie: Alabama-Texas A&M on CBS, LSU, Georgia, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC: All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Starting out with a bang. 
CBS' SEC football coverage will begin with Alabama vs. Texas A&M on September 14. (SB*Nation)

Believe It...Or Not! 
There are currently 54 former LSU players in the NFL. ironically, none of them are on the roster of the New Orleans Saints. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

The Downward Spiral?
Bill Connelly looks at Mississippi State's prospects for 2013 after two seasons of diminishing returns. (SB*Nation)

Goodbye Says It All.
Georgia tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith is transferring to another school. He was arrested in February for filing a false report of a crime. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

All we need is just a little patience.
Bill Connelly asks Auburn fans to be patient as first-year Tiger head football coach Gus Malzahn tries to rebuild the football program. (SB*Nation)

All hope is lost.
Missouri is the SEC representative on an EDSBS list of teams that in all probability will not play for a BCS title in the 2013 season, even if the Tigers go undefeated. Blame a weak strength of schedule (even with Texas A&M at the end of the season), and being in the precieved weaker of the SEC's two divisions.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pat Fitzgerald shows off Northwestern's Gator Bowl champion's ring.

It took sixty-four years or so, but Northwestern finally won its first bowl game since 1948 when it beat Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl this past New year's Day. Now, the Wildcats' coach Pat Fitzgerald has tweeted out a picture of the team's Gator Bowl champions ring.

Nice. I wonder if Michael Wilbon gets one?

(via @coachfitz51. HT: No 2-Minute Warning.)

Covering Dixie: Paul Finebaum, Alabama, recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Charlotte Sometimes. 
SEC media gadfly Paul Finebaumis ditching Birmingham for  Charlotte for a new radio and television gig with ESPN. Because Charlotte is the heart of Southern college football. (

Alabama Getaway.
Former Alabama wide receiver Danny Woodson transfers to South Alabama. (CBS Sports)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger.
Seven members of Auburn's 2013 recruiting class enroll for summer classes. (The Opelika-Auburn News)

Let's bury the hatchet. Wipe out the past.
Matt Hayes argues that the SEC should get rid of protected cross-division rivalry games like Georgia-Auburn and Alabama-Tennessee. Les Miles just found a new best friend. (The Sporting News)


He's Just Not That Into You. 
Florida high school junior receiver Ryeshene Bronson has decommitted from Florida's 2014 recruiting class. (The Gainesvile Sun)

Ahead of the curve.
South Carolina receives commitments for its 2015 recruiting class from Georgia high school sophomore WR Dexter Neal and South Carolina HC sophomore defensive end Shameik Blackshear. (Garnet and Black Attack)



PAWWWWLL-etry in motion.
EDSBS's Run Home Jack (a.k.a. @CelebrityHotTub) drops a few rhymes about Finebaum's deal with ESPN.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

VIDEO: Johnny Manziel makes 27-29 passes blindfolded.

Need a reason to hate Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel that involves something he actually does on the field? Check this Vine clip of Manziel working out with noted quarterback trainer, George Whitfield Jr. (a.k.a  the "Quarterback Whisperer." Sadly, I'm not making that up). Whitfield had Manziel throwing passes blindfolded in what's apparently called a "Zorro drill." As for the results, just see for yourself.

And Manziel made 27-29 of these passes, only missing two.

We'll have to see how this works out on the football field in an actual football game, but if Whitfield manages to improve on Manziel's skills, a second Heisman Trophy, and mabye a crystal football might not be out of the question this season.

(via Gamedayr)

The Detroit Lions wish to destroy the Little Caesar's Bowl (and show its hatred of America) with a bowl game of its own.

The Detroit Lions hate America. This was proven when Nickelback was the halftime show a few Thanksgiving Day games ago. To really nail out the idea home, the team has decided to kill that most American of traditions, The Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl, in order to create a college bowl game of its own at Ford Field.

ESPN reports that the Lions are planning to start up and run its own bowl game at Ford Field starting in 2014. This would replace the beloved Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl, and give a great American company headquartered in Detroit the finger. What a disgusting thing to do to a company that boldly remained in the Motor City while other companies have left it for dead.

The new bowl would reportedly have tie-ins with the Big Ten and ACC, leaving the MAC out in the cold. Again, the Lions hate America by ending the proud tradition of a matchup between a worthy  MAC team and team from the Big Ten/Sun Belt if there isn't a bowl eligible B1G team, worthy at-large team.

Of course, the Lions could just continue using Little Caesar's as its bowls title sponsor, thus showing some respect for tradition in a country so proud of tradition. But it would only cloak the Lions' hatred for America and its desire for quality football.

There is no word yet if the Lions understand that an NFL team, they would be ineligible to play in their own bowl game, but this would surprise no one.

(via ESPN)

Big Tentacles: Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, and ...fossils?

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence on college football.

Every day's the same, nothing ever change.
Michael Bird comments on the Big Ten's failure to deliver on its promise of parity-based scheduling. (SB*Nation)

There's a Tear in My Beer. 
How does a like the University of Minnesota lose money selling beer at football games? A crappy contract where the vendor gets the better end of the deal, apparently. (Deadspin)

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.
A Lion Eye's solution to what's ailing Illinois? Win. Yeah, I think that may take a little more effort there.

Illinois defense. 
Zach Travis looks at Illinois' defense, from a Michigan Man's point of view. (Maize N Brew)

Anger is an energy. 
Penn State fans are irrational in not directing anger at the football instead of Sports Illustrated over the magazine's article on alleged mishandling of player medical and safety issues. Because Tim Baffoe said so. (CBS Chicago)


Northwestern recruiting. 
Lake the Posts looks at Northwestern's remarkable job at recruiting. Insert "bagman" joke here. 


Dem Bones.
Johnny Glinter ranks the state fossils of the Big Ten region. This would have been a Joe Paterno joke five years ago. (Eleven Warriors)

What is behind Northwestern's success at recruiting?

Morrissey was right when he sang "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful." Of course, we hate it more when our rivals or enemies become even more successful. That's the case as Tom Fornelli of the Illinois blog The Champaign Room, whom apparently is more than a little envious of the Fighting Illini's in-state rival Northwestern's recruiting success this offseason. That's probably on top of any jealousy created the Wildcat's rise to prominence under head football coach Pat Fitzgerald.

So what's an Illinois fan to do? Accuse Northwestern of going the "Cam Newton" route, of course.

Oh, how so delightfully Mississippi State of Fornelli. Accusing a man of such high standards and integrity as Pat Fitzgerald of stooping to the level of paying recruits to come to a lonely outpost in the Big Ten. Of course Fitz didn't pay them. Whether or not he used his black magic, however...

Of course, if there is a Northwestern bagman, we all know who the number one suspect is:

I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin'.

(via The Champaign Room)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bruce Pearl's son does radio ad mocking "backyard barbeque" incident that led to his dad's firing from Tennessee.

Steven Pearl, former Tennessee basketball player and son of disgraced former Vols' men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl, is currently a sports radio personality for Tennessee Sports Radio. This of course means that he does a ad for the radio or two. So when Pearl does an ad for legendary Knoxville barbeque joint Calhoun's, you can't help to recall the scandal involving a backyard barbecue for recruits than brought his father's firing.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the ad jokingly references the event as well when shilling for Calhoun's "Family Feed Packs" for backyard barbeques , including having a rule about "absolutely no photography," and a notice that "offer not available to Aaron Craft."

This may be one of the greatest mockings of NCAA rules violations ever.

(via ESPN)

Big Tentacles: Wes Lunt to Illinois? Plus Bill O'Brien, Wisconsin, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence over college football. 

In the hunt for Lunt?
Former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt is reportedly looking at transferring to Illinois. (The Chicago Tribune)

When Bill met Andrea. 
Penn State head football coach Bill O'Brien will be profiled by Andrea Kremer on this Tuesday's edition of HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. (The Centre Daily Times)

Weak schedule? What weak schedule?
Louis Bien looks at criticism that Wisconsin's 2014 schedule is weak. (Bucky's 5th Quarter)

The high cost of winning.
Bucky's 5th Quarter's Mike Fiammetta looks at the rising salaries among the Big Ten's assistant coaches, with an natural emphasis on Wisconsin. 

Eleven Warriors looks ahead to Ohio State's 2014 season.

I Secondary That Emotion.
Mark Snyder looks at Michigan's secondary. (The Detroit Free Press)

A Few Small Repairs. 
Michigan State will be making improvements to it's practice field. (The Detroit Free Press)

That Was the Week That Was. 
Minnesota week begins at Off Tackle Empire

The Ruins: Mike Gundy and Wes Lunt, recruiting, and more.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 rising out of the ruins of the old. 

Gundy-Lunt fallout.
Barry Trammel claims that heavily restricting what teams transferring Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt can transfer to makes Cowboys head football coach Mike Gundy look bad. (The Oklahoman)


Baylor recruiting. 
Texas high school junior offensive tackle Patrick Lawrence commits to Baylor's 2014 recruiting class. (Our Daily Bears)

Oklahoma recruiting.
Ohio high school junior offensive lineman Alex Dalton commits to Oklahoma's 2014 recruiting class. (Crimson and Cream Machine)


Least shocking attempt at satire of the day. 
Frank Schwab responds to the restrictions placed on former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt's transfer by Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy with a parody of Gundy's legendary "I'm a man!" rant. (Dr. Saturday)

Texas is Back? Or, when hype videos go horribly wrong.

Texas released a hype video last week proclaiming "Texas is Back!" in dramatic fashion.

Naturally, some one took it and uh... enhanced it.

If you smell the handiwork of an Aggie fan in this, you're probably right.

(via Good Bull Hunting)

Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz was called "Fetus-Head" by high school teammates.

Did you ever have a nickname in high school or college that embarrassed you? One so bad you would spend nights awake in bed plotting the deaths of every single person that called to that name? One where you has a specific cruel and torturous end for the person that came up with the name? One that if you had a parent that called you by that name, you planned to cut off contact with them and their potential grandchildren? One where...

Uh, excuse me, getting a little off course there.

(*Takes deep breath. Calls Therapist*)

Anyhow, Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz was asked by the Des Moines Register if he had an embarrassing nickname in high school or college. Naturally, he did. It was also one so spectacularly embarrassing that it probably blows your being called something rude and obnoxious out of the water.

Why? He was called "Fetus-Head."

“Fetus Head, that was one. Helmets didn’t fit so well back in the day. I’ve got a head that’s kind of shaped like an almond, I guess. So, yeah. I used to have a big lump that would form over my head (pointing to bridge of nose). That probably explains some of my problems and my issues right now — 35 years later.

“During football season, I tended to look like a Neanderthal creature. So a couple of my friends came up with the nickname Fetus-Head Ferentz.”

Well, that probably beats what you were called in high school by a mile. You can imagine Iowa fans who haven't been too happy with Ferentz record over the past couple of seasons will be storing that one away for next season.

(via The Des Moines Register. HT: Black Heart Gold Pants)

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel's haters, Dave Hart and Butch Jones, and (sigh) more on "Saban is the Devil"-gate.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC: All your crystal football are belong to us. 



Love and hate, what a beautiful combination. 
Good Bull Hunting looks at the reasons some people hate Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel through Twitter. 

I have to praise you like I should.
Tennessee AD Dave Hart heaps tons of praise on first-year Volunteers head football coach Butch Jones. (The Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

The difficult is we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer. 
Oscar Whiskey takes a look at what it will take for first-year Auburn HC Gus Malzahn to rescue the Tigers from the downward spiral of the past two seasons. (College and Magnolia)

Come On to the Future.
Neil Shulman previews the Sept. 6 meeting between Florida and Miami at Sun Life Stadium. (Alligator Army)

This again?
Will Leitch comments on Tim Davis' "Satan is the Devil" comments, pointing out it's not even original. (Sports on Earth)

No price too high. 
Vanderbilt AD David Williams is reported to be "among the nation's five highest-paid ADs" by USA Today.

A Few Small Repairs.
Scott Rabalias looks at  construction plans for LSU's various athletic programs and facilities, including refurbishments to Tiger Stadium. (The Baton Rouge Advocate)


Don't quit your day job.
Georgia recruiting class of 2014 commitment Sony Michel says he's prioritizing college football over his burgeoning rap career. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

UGA president Dr. Michael Adams regrets "Not getting the final five yards against Alabama."

UGA president Dr. Michael Adams.

What is retiring University of Georgia president Dr. Evil Michael Adams biggest regret when it comes to his role in interfering with shaping the UGA athletic program in his administration?

Is it hiring Jim Harrick Sr. as men's basketball coach, which ended in a big academic scandal? No.

Is it his firing of the legendary Vince Dooley as the school's longtime athletic director? No.

Is it that there are more than a few UGA supporters that probably hate him even more than they hate Steve Spurrier or Nick Saban? No.

No, Adams says his biggest regret is something that happened on the football field, and which he had no actual control over.

“I don’t have many regrets,” Adams said during an interview in his north campus office in his final weeks as president before his retirement on June 30. “You want to know what my biggest regret is? Not getting the final five yards against Alabama. To have gone out in the national championship game, and I felt that night that was the national championship game and I think the following events proved me right. I’m not sure I’m over that one yet.”

That, above anything else, should tell you what a shameless individual Dr. Evil Adams is.It should also tell you why the Bulldog Nation won't miss him one bit.

(via The Athens Banner-Herald)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Fallout: Auburn, Florida, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday edition.

Next Position Please.
Brandon Marcello looks at the Auburn's slot receiver position. (

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Kyle Battle looks at the Georgia-to-Cincinnati pipeline that has sent impact players like former Bulldogs A.J. Green and Orson Charles to the Bengals. The fact that both the Dawgs and the Bengals both have histories of players getting in trouble is pretty much ignored. (WARNING!: Slideshow involved) (Bleacher Report)


Totally decommitted. 
South Carolina high school junior linebacker Christian Miller has decommitted from Florida. (The Gainesville Sun)


The Devil You Know.
In lieu of Florida offensive line coach Tim Davis calling Alabama head football coach "the Devil," Spencer Hall looks at the real candidates for who really is "the Devil" in college football. (EDSBS)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nick Saban's Alabama Sports Hall of Fame display includes game plan and box of Little Debbie snacks.

Items in Nick Saban's Alabama Sports Hall of Fame display case. Via:

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban will be inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday. This is a pretty impressive achievement considering that he's only been a citizen of the state since 2007. A display honoring his forthcoming membership includes various Saban memorabilia, including a box of his favorite snack, Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies.

"The items that promise to draw the attention of the most visitors are those donated by Nick Saban. They include the straw hat he wore at practice during the 2009 season, a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies and the game plan from the 2009 Florida International game."

Saban will be inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, alongside other Alabama sports notables, including NFL football legend Eric Davis, and Olympians Dannette Young Stone and Vickie Orr.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Nick Saban gives recruits 111 reason to commit to Alabama via awesome recruiting poster.

Alabama has been sending out the above poster of the football jerseys of players who played for Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban during his career as an HC that went on to be selected in the NFL Draft. "That includes 33 players drafted in his 6 years at the University of Alabama," the poster notes.

Saban also signed the poster, adding "The process begins her."

Not only is this poster a powerful piece of recruiting , it a pretty darn good looking one as well. This is the kind of thing you'd want to have framed and put on the wall even if you decided to go to another school. It's also something a lot of regular Alabama fans (and even non-Bama fans) would probably die to have as well. 

(via Diehard Sport)

Johnny Manziel's epic night at San Diego's Petco Park.

The latest installment of "Johnny Manziel's life is just better than yours sees the Heisman-winning Texas A&M quarterback at San Diego's Petco Park, where he threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the San Diego Padres' home game against the Washington Nationals the game. While this may be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for some, this is the second time this season Manziel has performed this duty. He threw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game in April.

Before the game Manziel was able to get a little batting practice in. During which, he did the most Johnny Football thing possible and hit a home run. And yes, that's a wooden bat he's using, and not an aluminum baseball dinger bat.

Manziel also hung out with the Nats' manager Davey Johnson, himself a former Aggie baseball player.

If that wasn't bad enough for the haters, Manziel's used the first pitch to reenact the now-legendary "bobbled" touchdown play in the Aggies' win over Alabama last November.

This would probably be called a balk in a real baseball game. But who cares?

And yes, haters, Manziel is twitter buds with Bryce Harper. Deal with it. 

(via Dr. Saturday. GIF via Business Insider)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Les Miles and a tiny sombrero. Nuff said.

Has LSU head football coach Les Miles decided to fully embrace his "Mad Hatter" nickname? Miles wore this tiny sombrero to a recent charity event. Other than that, there's really nothing much you can say about this. It speaks for itself.

(via Gamedayr)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alabama's latest BCS title ring.

Want to know what the ring given out for it's 28th 15th national title looks like? Wait no further, as Crimson Tide long snapper Carson Tinker tweeted out the following pic.

The Paul W. Bryant Museum  twitter account also tweeted out a series of pics.


Brings another meaning to the term, put a ring on it, eh?

(via Sportress of Blogitude)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brady Hoke says Notre Dame "chickening out" of annual rivalry with Michigan.

Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke might be taking Notre Dame's decision to end its annual rivalry game with the Wolverines after 2014 a little too personal. Speaking in front of a luncheon for the Western Michigan Sports Commission, Hoke let loose on how he really felt about the ND's decision, which was a result of the school's recent partnership with the ACC.

"We have unbelievable rivalry games at Michigan," Hoke said. "The Notre Dame, that rivalry, which they're chickening out of ... they're still going to play Michigan State, they'll play Purdue; they don't want to play Michigan."

Here's video of Hoke dropping his diss of ND.

The Victory Formation points out that historically, Notre Dame's rivalries with Michigan State and in-state (Indiana) rival Purdue were more bigger than that between the Fighting Irish and Michigan. Of course Hoke may not see it that way.

The two teams have two more games scheduled before the annual rivalry ends. Notre Dame will face Michigan in Michigan stadium this coming season on Sept. 7, then the Wolverines travel to South Bend to face the Irish one last time (for now) on Sept. 6, 2014.

(via ESPN)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel's repeat Heisman chances, Nick Saban, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us.

Once More, With feeling?
David Jones claims that Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel could repeat as Heisman Trophy winner next season, as long as he has a "low-key offesason." "Low-Key?" Johnny Football? Yeah, that's gonna happen. (Florida Today)

Flirting With Disaster?
Kevin Scarbinsky claims that Alabama head football coach Nick Saban recent declaration that he was "for five conferences" and wanting to see “everybody playing everybody in those five conferences” would be "The Hindenburg" for smaller NCAA schools. (

No-hit wonder. 
Manny Miles, son of LSU head football coach Les Miles, pitched a no-hitter last Friday for Baton Rouge's University High School. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

I Get Weak.
Dawg Sports looks at yet more comments on Georgia playing a "weak schedule." You mean the kind where the Dawgs usually still end up losing two or three games a year with?

Colorado QB Jordan Webb, former OL Alexander Lewis facing assault charges.

Colorado quarterback Jordan Webb and former Buffaloes/recent transfer to Nebraska offensive lineman Alex Lewis were arrested Saturday in Boulder, Co. on charges of second-degree assault. Details of the case are unknown at this time.

"Jordan's exact involvement in this incident is still being investigated,"according to a statement released by first year Colorado head football coach Mike McIntyre. He also said that " if Jordan (Webb) is found responsible for any misconduct, he will be disciplined according to team rules.

McIntyre said that Nebraska would be responsible for any disciplinary actions to Lewis.

(via The Denver Post)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Johnny Manziel plays Pebble Beach, shoots a 79, gets beat by dad.

The latest installment of "Johnny Manziel's Life is Just Better Than Yours" sees the Heisman Trophy winning Texas A&M quarterback taking time out from working with his QB coach in California (at least that's what he says he's doing ) for a day at the golf course with his parents. Did I mention the golf course just happened to be Pebble Beach?  Oh, let the hate begin. (Too late, it already has)

As if that wasn't bad enough, Manziel later tweeted out what he supposedly shot on the golf course.

Does the fact that Manziel's dad beat him at golf makes the haters out there feel any better? Probably not. But I'm never going to complain about a QB spending some pre-Mother's Day quality time with the family. Neither should you.

(via Gamedayr)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Fallout: Alabama, Brent Pease, Mike Bobo, and (*sigh*) Kenny Chesney.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

I've seen the future and it will be. 
Alabama will play Ohio state in the BCS title game. Because Jerry Palm said so. (

Life of Ryan.
Andrew Coppins profiles Wisconsin offensive linebacker Ryan Groy. (The B1G Time

Pease, Pease, Pease, Let Me Get What I Want.
Andy Hutchins defends Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease's recent raise. (Alligator Army)

Vad to the Bone.
Joey Weaver profiles Georgia Tech quarterback Vad Lee. (From the Rumble Seat)

Promised You a Miracle. 
Georgia offensive coordinator is promising that the Bulldogs will be ready to face South Carolina on Sept. 7. The Dawgs haven't beaten the Gamecocks since 2009. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

You'd better check yourself before you wreck yourself. 
Allen Kenney explains what Oklahoma defensive coordinator Jerry Montgomery needs to do to avoid another collapse of the Sooner defense like the one that occurred last season. (Blatant Homerism)

Goodbye Says it All.
Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray is transferring to another school. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)


Auston City Limits.
Texas high school junior running back Auston Anderson becomes the latest player to commit to Northwestern's 2014 recruiting class. (Lake the Posts)


Kenny Chesney is The Devil!
Connor Tapp argues that in order to prevent South Carolina from being cursed by alleged country music star and noted college football jock-sniffer Kenny Chesney's recent performance at Williams-Brice Stadium, the stadium must be torn down. (Garnet and Black Attack)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Texas A&M wants opponents to wet pants in expanded Kyle Field.

Drawing of what the expanded Kyle Field will look like.

Texas A&M is moving forward with plans for the expansion of Kyle Field. When finished, it will have the largest seating capacity in the SEC, with the ability to hold 102,500 of some of the loudest and rowdiest fans in college football.

Plans also apparently call for home of the Aggies to get even more louder, as explained by Sam Torn, one of the chairs on the Kyle Field redevelopment committee. Loud enough to cause members of the opposing team to react in a rather unfortunate manner.

"Our goal is, when an opposing team walks out on this field it is going to be so loud, it is going to be so intense, that literally someone is going to wet their pants."

Uh...alrighty then. Despite the success that Texas A&M had in it's first year in the SEC, every once in awhile they do something in College Station that the Aggies are still, in the end, Aggies. This is one of them.

(via The Crystal Ball Run)

Nick Saban IS NOT selling his Lake Burton, Ga. home, is selling an investment property.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban wants to make something perfectly clear - He's not selling his beloved Lake Burton, Ga. lake house. The stories you've been hearing about a $10.95 million-dollar house on Lake Burton that Saban has up for auction is an investment property that he also owns. 

Saban is also apparently quite annoyed at the confusion, as he get a little testy about being asked by a reporter at a Crimson Caravan "if it was a difficult decision to put (Saban's) house up for sale."

"It’s not my house," Saban said of the investment property on Lake Burton in northeast Georgia. "I bought a lot. I let a guy build a spec house on it. Now it’s up for sale and he can’t sell it, so he’s going to auction it off.
"I live in my house on the lake. This is a spec house, so how is it my house? That’s what I can’t figure out. … Anybody ever build a spec house and try to sell it? And I was doing my buddy a favor by letting him use my lot to build a spec house, so now it’s my house? It doesn’t even have any furniture in it."

Here's video of Saban's response to the question, along with responses to other questions from reporters. The fun with the Lake Burton investment property begins at the 4:41 mark.


Wisconsin is touring its new weight room facility, and picking up slack.

Wisconsin has released a virtual tour of it's new weight room and and nutrition center. Needless to say, it's a lot better-looking than your local fitness center and juice bar.

(via Gamedayr)

Nick Saban responds to Bob Stoops' comments about the SEC, proceeds to own Stoops.

It was bound to happen. Somebody asked Alabama head football coach Nick Saban about Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops' comments about the SEC. Needless to say, it was exactly what you expected it to be.

Oh snap. Saban just went Jay-Z on Stoops. That would've been enough to provide Saban's proof of ownership of Stoops, but then Saban took it a step further.

Of course all Saban really had to do was bring up how the Saban-coached LSU kicked the Stoops-coached Sooners's butts in 2004 for the BCS title. But Stoops already knew that, didn't he?

(via Gamedayr)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bret Bielema puts dog, cowboy boots on the kitchen counter.

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema tweeted out a picture of what presumably is the kitchen of his new Fayetteville abode Wednesday night. In doing so, Bielema showed the world that he might not have as high standards of hygiene that you would expect a former man of the Big Ten would have.

The tweet shows that Bielema hasn't quite grown out of being a boy growing up on a pig farm. Only it's doubtful any mama of a boy growing up on a pig farm would have allowed her son to place either his dog or his cowboy boots on her kitchen counters.

It would seem Bielema has the manners of a Philistine. Albeit a Philistine with a wussy dog small enough to fit in a back pocket.

Also, notice the cowboy boots' proximity to that glass of what is seemingly some sort of soft drink makes me suspicious that Bielema may keep a flask of some sort of adult beverage in his footgear, which is one of the most redneck things possible. Which ironically is also one of the most Arkansas things possible. Bielema's gonna fit right in over there.

(via SB*Nation)