Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mark Richt sees the SEC expanding to sixteen teams in the future.

Mark Richt shares an awkward pose with son David.

Mark Richt took time out from his busy schedule as both head football coach at Georgia and as a music video extra to speak to the Touchdown Club of Athens, Ga. Among the various football-related subjects, Richt spoke about possible further conference expansion in the SEC.

“I wouldn’t be shocked to see the teams go to 16 one day,” Richt said of further expansion from the current 14 schools. “I’m not hearing any rumors. Don’t start any kind of, `Coach Richt said this,’ but I wouldn’t be shocked to one day see us go to 16. If we go to 16, I can’t imagine us not going to less than nine games. I think we would have to go nine.”

Considering that the SEC is still recovering from the admission to the conference of Missouri and Texas A&M, not to mention the whirlwind that is Johnny Manziel, any further expansion will probably not be any time soon. And when it happens, Richt and the Dawgs (and the rest of the SEC) will hopefully be able to handle it. 

(via The Athens Banner-Herald)