Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mark Richt appears in son's Georgia rap video.

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt's son David is a musician and worship leader. For non-Christian readers, that's the guy with the guitar in the contemporary church service who leads the congregation in singing whatever praise and worship song is popular on The Fish that week. (note to worship leaders: feel free to drop some Skillet into the service whenever you want.) The elder Richt one famously told ESPN that David had written his favorite song, a worship song called "Thinking About You."

Now David Richt has dipped his toe into music in a more secular vein as he takes part in a Georgia rap video, titled "Dawg Bite." Yes, you heard me. Luckily, he doesn't actually rap in it, leaving that to a rather large bearded man in a cowboy hat named Colt Ford. Which is exactly what you think a rather large bearded man rapping in a Georgia rap video would be named.

David, by the way, is the dark headed guy in the red "Dawg Bite" t-shirt singing with more autotune than necessary. Occasionally he is wearing a large chain wrapped around his neck. This is ironic considering the number of arrests of UGA players during the Mark Richt era.  He is also seen chillin' with Papa Richt in the video as well,  fortunately neither rapping or using autotune.

The amazing part of this video? It's still less cringe-worthy and awkward as the infamous "Party in the UGA." video. That is both fortunate and tragic at the same time.

And yes, somebody has already tweeted out "Mark Richt has lost control of his son." So you don't have to.

(via SB*Nation)