Thursday, April 4, 2013

Iowa accused of promoting homophobia with pink lockerrooms.

The legendary/infamous pink visitors lockerroom at Iowa is coming under fire as possibly being "sexist or homophobic" by a lawyer. Jill Gaulding. described as being the "co-founder of Minnesota-based Gender Justice," made the claims during a workshop help by the Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth.

“Most people understand the pink locker room as a taunt against the other team, calling them a bunch of ladies/girls/sissies/pansies/etc.,” according to an information sheet Gaulding and Gender Justice law partner Lisa Stratton distributed to the workshop attendees."

The lockeroom was painted pink in the 1980's by former Iowa head football coach Hayden Fry. Gaulding quoted Fry's autobiography, where he explained the rationality of painting them pink. 

Gaulding’s handout quoted a passage from Fry’s autobiography where he said pink was a “passive” color and might put opponents in a passive mood. “Also, pink is often found in girls’ bedrooms, and because of that some consider it a sissy color,” according to a quote Gaulding said she took from Fry’s book.

Gaulding claims that Iowa leaves itself open for a lawsuit over the lockerrooms. 

“I do believe it creates legal liability — not necessarily about financial liability. To me, that’s never been what this is about,” she said. “But they could be exposed to a declaratory judgment action where someone would just seek to settle the question legally and have a judge decide once and for all is this OK or not.”

(via The Cedar Rapids Gazette)