Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A.J. McCarron is happy to have his former high school offensive coordinator on Alabama coaching staff.

A.J. McCarron with Katherine Webb. Just because.

Life is good for Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron. He'll be a senior come the fall. His girlfriend, Katherine Webb, managed to not get kicked off that ridiculous Splash! celebrity diving again Tuesday night. And Tyler Siskey, one of his' "best friends" and former high school offensive coordinator, has joined Nick Saban's coaching staff as the associate director for player personnel.

"He's one of my best friends," McCarron said after Monday's practice. "He was my offensive coordinator in high school, left heading into my senior year and we were real close so it was hard for him to leave. So it’s kind of cool to have him back for my senior year here. 

"I’m glad to have him here and have him a part of the Bama family." 
One reason McCarron has to be happy about having Siskey on staff is that he isn't in a on-the-field job where he can boss McCarron around.

"He’s riding me some, puts in his little two cents every once in a while," McCarron said. "I just have to remind him his job description sometimes. He’s not an on-the-field coach yet."
And how does he remind him?

"Just point to his office," McCarron said.  

Let's see McCarron try that with Katherine Webb, and how far that gets him.