Monday, March 4, 2013

Johnny Manziel on the the possibility of leaving Texas A&M early for the NFL Draft.

Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel sat down with ESPN's Kirk Herbstriet for SportsCenter's "Sunday Conversation" segment over the weekend. He talked about how his life has been "pure chaos"since winning the Heisman Trophy.

He also talked about the possibility of leaving school early for the NFL Draft in 2014.

"You never know how things might play out. If an opportunity comes to go to the NFL, you have to look at that just like you have to look at everything," he said.
"For me, the NFL is the thing that's always been, kind of somewhat like the Heisman, it's been a dream as a kid to be able to have an opportunity to even be talked about being able to play in the NFL," he said. "For me I'm enjoying my time here for sure and if that comes calling, just like anybody else, the decision will have to be made. I'm very happy here and very happy with Coach [Kevin] Sumlin and in college football. I love it."

You can watch the full interview here

Interesting that Manziel didn't say winning a BCS title wasn't one of his dreams. Of course if the Aggies win the BCS next season. He will have certainly gotten that out of the way.

(via ESPN