Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, y'all.

I hope y'all have a blessed Easter Sunday. I'm taking the day off to hang out with the family, and to remember the real reason we celebrate today.

Mal Moore 1939-2013

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of former Alabama athletic director Mal Moore, who died yesterday after fighting pulmonary problems for several weeks.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Fallout: T.J. Yeldon, Nebraska, Aaron Murray, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

I have to praise you like I should. 
Alabama running backs coach Burton Burns explains the reasons why Crimson Tide RB T.J. Yeldon is one of the most promising players on the team, as well as college football. (

Get back to where you once belong.
Nebraska is still trying to return to  its ways of total dominance of college football. (ESPN)

Dawg Tawk.
Georgia starting quarterback Aaron Murray talks about UGA's potential in 2013. (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

Justin Time. 
Mark Weiszer profiles Georgia wide receiver Justin Scott-Wesley. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

A Few Small Repairs.
Tennessee tries to work on improving its defense. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

This just in...
Bruins Nation still hates UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel on leaving Twitter, Todd Gurley, LSU, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

The Breakup Song.
Ubiquitous Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel explains his decision to step away from Twitter. (USA Today)

Leaner and meaner?
Even though Georgia running back Todd Gurley says he gained six pounds during the offseason, he still looks leaner on the field during spring practice. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

North Carolina to the SEC in 2014?
Because some blogger said so. The voices in your head don't count as reliable sources. (Tuxedo Yoda. HT Leather Helmet Blog)

Sloppy Geaux?
LSU looked sloppy during the second scrimmage of spring practice. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)


LSU fans are tired and boring.
Because Roll 'Bama Roll said so.

Who's on Texas A&M's mount Rushmore.
Johnny Manziel, Johnny Manziel, Johnny Manziel, and Johnny Manziel. Next question. (Good Bull Hunting)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Covering Dixie: Steve Spurrier rants, Dieon Blue becomes a leader, Johnny Manziel's Twitter eulogized, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC: All your crystal football are belong to us. 

You dropped a bomb on me. 
South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier went off on USC and ESPN on Twitter on Wednesday, pointing out that the WWL chose to televise the Trojans' pro day despite the fact that the team didn't finish in the Top 25 last season. This as opposed to SCAR, which finished in the Top seven. (SB*Nation)

In the mix. 
The Chick-Fil-A (Atlanta), Cotton (Dallas), Fiesta (Phoenix), and Holiday (San Diego) Bowls are all in the running to join the Rose, Sugar, and Orange Bowls as part of the BCS "playoff rotation" starting in 2014. Cowboys Stadium in Dallas seems a cinch to host the first post playoff BCS title game in 2015. (CBS Sports

Kind of Belue.
Andrew Gribble profiles Alabama defensive back Deion Belue, who is emerging as a team leader in the Crimson Tide secondary. (

The Cristobal Run.
Gribble also profiles first-year Alabama offensive line coach Mario Cristobal. (

Billy, Don't Be a Hero. 
John Talty profiles first-year Mississippi State wide receivers coach Billy Gonzalez. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

North Dallas Forty.
Mark Weiszer profiles Georgia offensive linesman Dallas Lee. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

I'm alright. Don't nobody worry 'bout me. 
Georgia defensive end Ray Drew, a former "five-star" recruit who has yet to start a game in Athens or had significant playing time,  is not a bust. Because Ray Drew said so.  (The Macon Telegraph)


And it seems to me you lived your life like a Twitter in the wind.
A remembrance of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel's now-suspended Twitter account. (SB*Nation)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Covering Dixie: Kevin Sumlin on the Manziel shoving incident, Johnny Manziel quits Twitter, Hutson Mason, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - All your crystal football are belong to us. 

I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing. 
Texas A&M head football coach  Kevin Sumlin claims that he never saw the shoving incident between Aggie starting quarterback Johnny Manziel and a graduate assistant coach. He also tried to downplay the incident. (FatManWriting)

All Quiet on the Manziel Front.
Meanwhile, Manziel has apparently put himself in Twitter jail. (ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth)

The Understudy.
Georgia backup QB Hutson Mason worked with the Bulldogs' first string on Tuesday while starting QB Aaron Murray was being honored by the Atlanta Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. (The Athens Banner-Herald.)

Alabama spring practice update. 
Roll Bama Roll looks at Alabama's defense.

Arkansas spring practice update.
Arkansas Expats has the most recent news coming out of Arkansas' spring practice. 

Ready to Start.
Chris Fuhrmeister previews Auburn's first spring practice under new Tiger head football Gus Malzahn, which begins today. (SB*Nation)

Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Track 'Em Tigers has it's own Auburn spring practice preview.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark Richt tweets from his pants. Or: Tales from the Backside.

It seems Georgia head football coach had a little accident or two in his pants recently. Fourtinetly it was of the technological kind, and not the kind Triple H had on WWE RAW a few weeks ago. It seems he's been sending tweets from his pants when he sits down.

Yes, let's get these out of the way right now:

Mark Richt has lost control of Twitter.
Mark Richt has lost control of his smart phone.
Mark Richt has lost control of his pants.

( via The Belly of the Beast)

Buzz Bissinger has a $600k leather addiction.

Photo via GQ
Buzz Bissinger has done the impossible. The Friday Night Lights author and general sports curmudgeon has inadvertently come up with a new an definition of the phrase "I'm with you, Leather" that does not involve Chris Berman, yet manages to reach a whole new level of creepiness. He does so by revealing his addiction to leather clothing and accessories in an article for GQ, one that has cost him over $600,000 dollars in leather jackets, pants, and whatnot.

"I own eighty-one leather jackets, seventy-five pairs of boots, forty-one pairs of leather pants, thirty-two pairs of haute couture jeans, ten evening jackets, and 115 pairs of leather gloves. Those who conclude from this that I have a leather fetish, an extreme leather fetish, get a grand prize of zero. And those who are familiar with my choices will sign affidavits attesting to the fact that I wear leather every day. The self-expression feels glorious, an indispensable part of me. As a stranger said after admiring my look in a Gucci burgundy jacquard velvet jacket and a Burberry black patent leather trench, "You don't give a f**k." 

Creeped out yet? Would the fact that he admits to wearing leather goods intended for women disturb you? It's six pages of mid-life crisis that are hover between states of the profound and disturbing. The most disturbing image may be that of a man dressed in leather with a shopping bag over his head a la The Unknown Comic. It must be the gimp mask of a shopping addict.

(via GQ)

Johnny Manziel shoves, Les Miles praises, Aaron Murray wants, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Move along, nothing to see here.
Michael Felder with one of the many articles on the Web trying to downplay the shoving incident between Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel and an Aggie graduate assistant. (Bleacher Report)

Who's gonna fill their shoes?
Alabama looks for the right players to fill the spots on the offensive line left open by the departures of OL standouts such as guard Chance Warmack, and offensive tackle D.J. Fluker. Fortunately for Bama, Ryan Kelly looks all set to take the reins at center from the departed Barrett Jones. (

I have to praise you like I should. 
LSU head football coach Les Miles says that Tiger quarterback Zach Mettenberger "looked good" in the first scrimmage of spring practice. (Saturday Down South)

Meanwhile, in Oxford...
Jim Holder looks at the Ole Miss defense at spring practice. (WTVA)

Georgia needs an indoor practice facility. 
Because Georgia QB Aaron Murray said so. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Missouri item of the day. 
Rock M Nation looks at Missouri's receiving corps.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mississippi State holds a football formal.

Mississippi State held a formal dinner for the football team recently. If you guessed it would end with the players doing the Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style, then you're right. Just click on the video to find out what the players get down to.

(via Football Scoop)

Thad Barta channels Urban Meyer while calling for a statue in Aaron Craft's honor.

Aaron Craft and Thad Matta share a special moment.

Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft became the most beloved athlete of the Buckeye nation on Sunday with his game-winning three pointer against Iowa State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Most beloved until college football season, that is. Which brings up the almost Urban Meyer-like show of affection shown by Buckeye head basketball coach Thad Matta, whom channeled Meyer's manlove of Tim Tebow expressing his appreciation for Craft by calling for his actions to be immortalized in Columbus. With a statue, no less.

“I hope someday they put a statue in front of our building of him,” Matta said on CBS after the game. “Coaches were telling me he's exhausted. He's too tough to be tired. What a big-time shot.”

Well, Ohio State may want to wait until Craft leads the Buckeyes to the NCAA Tournament championship. At least Meyer waited until Florida won the 2008 BCS title before sticking Tebow's "Promise" speech on a plaque on the outside of the  Heavener Football Complex. Despite all of the upsets in the tourney this year, there are still enough hurdles between the Buckeyes and their ultimate "One Shining Moment."

(via CBS Sports)

Alabama OL Ryan Kelly is "really professional," probable starting center for 2013 season.

Ryan Kelly (right) with Alabama OL  Austin Sheppard at 2013 BCS title game.

Alabama sophomore offensive lineman Ryan Kelly is the heir apparent to former Crimson Tide center Barrett Jones. He's being described by hie teammate, Bama left tackle Cyrus Kouandjio as being "really professional" and "really organized." Which must mean that Kelly really made a big impression on him.

"He’s the most professional person I know," Kouandjio said. "He’s really serious and that’s the perfect center right there. Really tough. 

"I trust him 100 percent. I trust him as much as I trust Barrett Jones. I think it’s looking good for him." 

Which is good news for Alabama, as Jones was as important to its ollfensive last season as starting quarterback A.J. McCarron or running back Eddie Lacy. It also a good sign that The Crimson Tide won't be making it any easier to knock the off it's place at the top of the college football mountain.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Johnny Manziel reaches out to evil twin Marshall Henderson via Twitter.

Has ubiquitous Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel been paying attention to his evil twin, Ole Miss basketball guard Marshall Henderson? Of course he has. Manziel took time out from his bacchanalia leisurely spring break in Cabo, Mexico (at least I assume this is where Manziel was at the time) to send an encouraging word or two to Henderson via Twitter.

Translation: "Marshall, continue to excel on the basketball court and ignore the criticism from the haters out there. Continue on moving forward in the NCAA tournament" Pretty sound advice from the current most famous athlete in the SEC (if not all college football) to the one making the most noise at the moment.

Of course if their paths do cross, be afraid. Be very afraid.

(via Dr. Saturday)

The Fallout: Gary Andersen, Alabama, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday news and notes. 

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder.
Yep, my bracket's toast. And no, I don't care to hear your Wichita State "Shocker" jokes.

As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Anderson.
Adam Rittenberg profiles first-year Wisconsin head football coach Gary Andersen, whom is fortunate enough to have inherited a stable program left behind by his predecessor Bret Bielema. Sadly, Bielema can't say the same with his new program at Arkansas. (ESPN)

Vacation, all I ever wanted.
Alabama players describe how they'll be spending their Spring Break in a low-key fashion. In other words, they're not going to be chilling out in Cabo like Johnny Manziel. (

The Hurtt Locker.
Lousiville puts defensive line coach Clint Hurtt on administrative leave while he gets ready to answer allegations of committing NCAA rules violations when he was at Miami. (ESPN)

Arizona player profile of the day. 
Steve Rivera profiles Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker. (Fox Sports Arizona)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Fallout: Bill Battle, Johnny Manziel, Michigan State, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

There's Battle lines being drawn.
Alabama officially names Bill Battle as its new athletic director. (

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel's spring break gets covered by which I hear is like Deadspin for Hollywood, or something like that.

Bjork! Bjork! Bjork!
Ole Miss gives AD Ross Bjork a contract extension. (WTVA)

Who wants to be a Spartan?
Mike Wilson looks at Michigan State recruiting. (The Only Colors)

Heirs to the tramp stamp.
Evan Woodbery looks at the Tennessee quarterbacks looking to succeed former Vols starting QB Tyler Bray. (The Knoxville News Sentinel)

Meanwhile, at Mizzou...
Rock M Nation checks in on Missouri spring practice.

A Johnny Manziel Russian nesting doll? A Johnny Manziel Russian nesting doll.

Photo via Good Bull Hunting.

Apparently the fame of Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel has reached the Motherland of Russia. That's allegedly where these Texas A&M nesting dolls with Manziel as the big matryoshka come from. Obviously, Russia could care less about things like trademark infringement or NCAA eligibility rules.

Possible unrelated side effect of this: I can't get the Sisters of Mercy's "Dominion/Mother Russia" out of my head now. "Mother Russia rain down, down, down" indeed.

(via Good Bull Hunting)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Covering Dixie: Gene Stallings talks Johnny Manziel, Aaron Murray, Mark Stoops, and moore.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

Battle to replace Moore?
University of Alabama president Judy Bonner has recommended that former Tennessee head football coach Bill Battle to succeed outgoing Alabama athletic director Mal Moore. Battle and Moore were teammates playing under legendary Crimson Tide HC Paul "Bear" Bryant. (ESPN)

Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers...
Alabama and Wisconsin agree to face each other in the 2015 Cowboys Classic at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas in 2015. (ESPN)

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Former Alabama HC Gene Stallings compares Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel to former Alabama wide receiver David Palmer. (

Stormin' Norman. 
Georgia starting quarterback Aaron Murray discusses losin weight and spending his spring break in Norman, Oklahoma working with QB "guru" George Whitfield. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Challenge of the Stoop-erfriend. 
Seth Burchett looks at the challenges facing first-year Kentucky HC Mark Stoops. (A Sea of Blue)

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting.
LSU will hold it's first 2013 spring scrimmage on Saturday in Tiger Stadium. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ole Miss WR Philander Moore arrested for domestic violence, is an ex-Rebel.

Ole Miss has dismissed wide receiver Philander Moore for "violation of team rules," which is apparently  euphemism for "he got arrested for beating up somebody." 

"According to Oxford police chief Joseph East, Oxford Police Department officers responded to a call of a disturbance at the Taylor Bend living complex at approximately 11 p.m. Saturday. Upon arrival, and after interviewing persons involved in the disturbance, Moore was arrested and charged with domestic violence simple assault and taken to the Lafayette County Detention Center.

Sunday, the rising senior was given an initial appearance by a judge and Monday he was released on bond." 

Moore was a rising senior. 

(via The Oxford Eagle HT Saturday Down South)

Covering Dixie: Nick Saban, Johnny Manziel, C.J. Johnson, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC: All your crystal footballs are belong to us. 

Not my department. 
Alabama head football coach Nick Saban says that picking a successor to outgoing Alabama AD Mal Moore is "not my decision." (

It Don't Come Easy. 
Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel will find it hard to repeat as Heisman Trophy winner next season. Because Tim Letcher said so. (Rant Sports)

Waiting for the Great Leap Forward. 
Sean Lester looks at the possibility of Texas A&M making an "Alabama like jump" into the 2013 BCS title chase. (The Dallas Morning News)

Goodbye Says It All.
LSU director of player personnel Sherman Morris is leaving to become on campus recruiting coordinator at Arizona State. (And the Valley Shook)

Springtime on The Plains. 
Chris Fuhrmeister takes spring practice Auburn's offensive line. (College and Magnolia)

Oh brave new world that has such recruits in't.
Lyons Yellin looks at LSU recruiting in Texas in the wake of SEC expansion.  (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Dawg of the future? 
Leather Helmet Blog takes a look at video of a number of Georgia recruiting prospects.

Ole Miss' Johnson injured.
Ole Miss defensive end C.J. Johnson will be out for the rest of spring practice after breaking his leg. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

Nick Saban praises outgoing Alabama AD Mal Moore.

Mal Moore, Mike Slive, Nick Saban, and a lot of trophies. Photo viia

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban took time on Wednesday to praise outgoing Alabama athletic director Mal Moore, who is stepping down from his post for medical reasons.

"(He’s) somebody that I have a tremendous amount of respect for, first of all for giving us the opportunity to come here to the University of Alabama, the great that he did in selling us on this university and what could be done here, then all the support that he’s given to our program," Saban said. "He certainly deserves a tremendous amount of credit for any success that we have had because of the way that he sets the table and has served us so well." 

Moore is currently being hospitalized at Duke University Medical Center for pulmonary issues.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mal Moore steps down from Alabama AD job due to health reasons.

Health issues are forcing Mal Moore to step down from his position as Alabama athletic director. The 73-year old AD has been hospitalized for the past week due to pulmonary issues. He had been Alabama AD since 1999. 

Under Moore's tenure, Alabama won three BCS titles. This is in addition to eight overall national titles 19 SEC titles for the Crimson Tide athletic program. His tenure also saw Alabama first Heisman Trophy winner in former Tide running back Mark Ingram, Jr. 

Moore will assume a role as special assistant to University of Alabama president Judy Bonner.


Big Tentacles: Andrew Maxwell, Devin Gardner, B1G realignment, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence over college football.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer.
Michigan State returning starting quarterback Andrew Maxwell faces competition for his job as spring practice gets into high gear in East Lansing. (The Detroit Free Press)

The first day of the rest of their lives. 
Purdue begins its first day of spring practice under new head football coach Darrell Hazell. (The Lafayette Journal and Courier)

Heir to the throne. 
Mark Snyder profiles Michigan QB Devin Gardner, the presumed successor to former Wolverine starting QB Denard Robinson. (The Detroit Free Press)

Go west, young Badger?
Wisconsin could find itself moving over to the Big Ten Legends division (or whatever the B1G decides to call it this time around). That would mean a renewing of the Badgers' yearly rivalry with Iowa. (The Wisconsin State Journal)

And speaking of Iowa (and realignment...)
Amid talk of Big Ten division realignment, Black Heart Gold Pants demands that Purdue remains their "most hated rival."  Yes, BHGP is being slightly sarcastic about that particular juryrigged Big Ten cross-divisional rivalry.

Springtime in Columbus.
Kyle Rowland reports on spring practice at Ohio State. (Eleven Warriors)



The hammer of Thorson.
Illinois high school junior quarterback Clayton Thorson commits to Northwestern's 2014 recruiting class. (The Chicago Tribune)

Covering Dixie: A.J. McCarron's backups, Mike Bobo, Florida recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - All your Crystal Football are belong to us. 

Heirs to the throne.
Andrew Gribble looks at the young Alabama backup quarterbacks looking to someday succeed senior Crimson Tide QB A.J. McCarron. (

Gator injury report. 
Florida freshman linebacker Alex Anzalone will miss the rest of the spring practice due to an injury to his right shoulder. (Alligator Army)

Under Pressure?
Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo talks about his recent contract extension, and claims he feels no added pressure to suceed. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Offensive line time. 
Billy Gomila looks at LSU's offensive line. (And the Valley Shook)

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they never end.
Good Bull Hunting looks at 2012: The Season, which reviews Texas A&M's amazing first season in the SEC. Obviously, there are going to be more than a few Johnny Manziel highlights in this one.


Florida recruiting news.
Louisiana junior offensive lineman Joseph Paul commits to Florida's 2014 recruiting class. (The Gainesville Sun)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Covering Dixie: A.J. McCarron feels old, Butch Jones, Hugh Freeze, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - SEC news and notes. 

Feels Like Forever.
Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron says that he feels like he's been in Tuscaloosa "15 years." (

Mister Jones and me tell each other fairy tales.
Ivan Maisel looks at the challenges facing first-year Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones during his first spring practice in Knoxville. (ESPN)

What, me worry.
Ole Miss' back up QB's Barry Brunetti and Maikhail Miller are struggling in spring practice, while starter Bo Wallace is still recovering from shoulder surgery. Think Rebel HC Hugh Freeze is concerned? Of course he is. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)


LSU recruiting news.
Texas high school junior wide receiver Tony Upchurch commits to LSU's 2014 recruiting class. (And the Valley Shook)

When memes collide: LSU and Les Miles Harlem Shake video meets Epic Sax Guy.

"Harlem Shake" videos are getting old very quickly.

There, they are old. With that out of the way, and the Internet's millimeter-short attention span already turning to something else, someone took LSU head coach Les Miles' quirky dance moves and mashed it up to the sounds of Epic Sax Guy.

Well, at least it isn't a Rickroll. 

(via Deadspin, Kegs 'N Eggs)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Marshall Henderson celebrates SEC tournament victory with game of "Pong."

Ole Miss Marshal Henderson has broken out of SEC basketball the way Johnny Manziel broke out of college football. Except people like Johnny Manziel. He apparently celebrated  the Rebels' win against Florida in the SEC men's basketball tournament championship and the team making the NCAA tournament in the most Marshall Henderson way possible: playing "pong."

Somehow I doubt there was an Atari (or whatever video game system, for that matter) involved in this latest athletic achievement for Henderson. It should be noted that Henderson is 22, and thus legally able to drink whatever adult beverage he was obviously consuming Sunday night.

(via USA Today)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Fallout: C.J. Mosley, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech recruiting, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday edition. 

Mosley still on the mend. 
Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley is one of six Alabama players recovering from injuries and who are wearing non-contact jerseys during spring practice. Crimson Tide cornerback Dee Hart is also among those recovering from injuries. (

Let's Stay Together.
Michigan gives defensive coordinator Greg Mattison a three-year contract extension. (The Detroit Free Press)

Oklahoma injury report. 
Oklahoma offensive lineman Tyler Evans will miss the 2013 season due to a reinjury to a torn ACL. (Crimson and Cream Machine)

Georgia player profile of the day. 
Mark Weiszer profiles Georgia linebacker Ramik Wilson. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

The only easy day was yesterday. 
Florida breaks out the pads for the first time in spring practice. (The Gainesville Sun)

Georgia Tech 2014 recruiting news. 
Georgia high school junior linebacker Tre Jackson commits to Georgia Tech's 2014 recruiting class. (From the Rumble Seat)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Fallout: Steve Spurrier, Mike Leach, Johnny Manziel, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier still believes that he can win an SEC title in Columbia. (ESPN)

This is for the questions that don't have any answers.
Andrew Gribble has five questions for Alabama as spring practice begins for the defending SEC and BCS title holders. (

Cabo Wabo.
Johnny Manziel has been spending his spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (FOX Sports Southwest)

A Pirate Looks at Lincoln.
Washington State HC Mike Leach sits down for an interview with Cougars Quarterly, and discusses football, co-authoring a book Geronimo, and seeing the recent film Lincoln. (

I Secondary That Emotion.
Barking Carnival looks at the Texas secondary. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Covering Dixie: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

The early Gator catches the worm.
Zach Abolverdi takes a look at Florida's 2013 recruiting class early enrollees at spring practice, including running back Kelvin Taylor. (The Gainesville Sun)

Fully padded. 
Tennessee held its first practice in full-pads of the spring. (The Knoxville News Sentinel)

Wish List.
Dawg Sports looks at Georgia's recruiting needs.

Oh Danny Boy. 
For Whom the Cowbell Tolls looks at recruitment during Dan Mullen's tenure as Mississippi State head football coach.

I'm special. So special. I've gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me.
Red Cup Rebellion looks at Ole Miss special teams.

Oh Honey Badger, Where Art Thou?
Billy Gomila looks at LSU's defense, which lacks a little something following the departures of Barkevious Mingo, and Eric Reed, among others. (And the Valley Shook)

Bill Walton told a Ray Lewis joke during ESPN U's Pac-12 tournament coverage.

Bill Walton may be joining Bill Simmons in ESPN jail very soon. He told a joke about new ESPN employee Ray Lewis during Thursday night's broadcast of the Washington - Oregon Pac-12 Men's Basketball Tournament quarterfinal on ESPN U. One involving that incident in Atlanta back in 2000.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Covering Dixie: Gary Pinkell on the hot seat, Johnny Manziel vs. the trolls, Will Muschamp, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us.

It's getting hot in here.
Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkell stands out like a sore thumb as the only SEC representative  on Tom Perry's list of  HC's who are on the Hot Seat in 2013. (The Crystal Ball Run)

Johnny Football vs. the Twitterverse.
Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel got into it with some trolls on Twitter. (Mashable)

What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine.
Alabama is reportedly about to hire Ole Miss coordinator of recruiting development Tyler Siskey away from the Rebels. Siskey served as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at St. Paul's Episcopal Schoolin Mobile, where he coached current Crimson Tide starting QB A.J. McCarron. (

Great expectations. 
Edward Aschoff talks to Florida HC Will Muschamp and starting QB Jeff Driskel on the expectations for the Gators heading into the 2013 season. (ESPN)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes? 
Robbie Andreu looks at Florida's needs on the defense, which saw the departures of Sharrif Floyd, Jelani Jenkins, and Matt Elam among others following the end of last season. (The Gainesville Sun)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unquiet: Austin Seferian-Jenkins suspended, Chris Petersen, Kyle Van Roy, and more.

Unquiet on the Western Front - Your Pac-12, Mountain West, and BYU extravaganza. 

Seferian-Jenkins suspended.
Washington suspends tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins following his DUI arrest over the weekend. (AP/ESPN)

Give me love. Give hope. Give me strength. Give me someone to live for.
Boise State head football coach Chris Petersen gives good reviews on his team's performance in the weight room during spring practice. (The Iowa Press-Tribune)

Alabama Getaway.
Boise State schedules a home-at-home series with Troy for 2017 and 2018. I remember reading about a horse going to Troy in the Illiad. That didn't end up too well for Troy back then either. (

I could have been a contender.
BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy explains why he decided to return to school for his senior season, as opposed to entering the 2013 NFL Draft. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

I Secondary That Emotion.
Brad Denny takes a spring practice look at Arizona State's secondary. (House of Sparky)

I'm special. So special. I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me.
Bruins Nation looks at UCLA's needs at special teams.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Texas wide reciever arrested after altercation with Texas men's tennis team member.

Texas wide receiver Cayleb Jones has been arrested following an altercation with a member of the Texas men's tennis team. According to ESPN's Carter Strickland, Jones allegedly punched Joesph Swaysland during an incident apparently concerning his relationship with Texas women's volleyball player Katherine "Khat" Bell.

Strickland reportedly suffered a fractured jaw as a result of the altercation. Jones has been charged with aggrivated assault. He has also been suspended from the football team.

(via The Austin American-Statesman, Burnt Orange Nation)

Covering Dixie: Sharrif Floyd, Ryan Kelly, Kevin Sumlin, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. 

It's Pro Time!
Today is Florida's Pro Day. Former Gator defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd is expected to sit out the proceedings due to a sprained ankle. (The Gainesville Sun)

Life of Ryan.
Don Kausler Jr. profiles Alabama center Ryan Kelly, who will most likely be filling the starting center role left empty by Barret Jones' graduation. (

House for Sale.
Former Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley's Knoxville home is up for sale. (Dr. Saturday)


Postcards from the Edge.
Good Bull Hunting digs up some postcards sent out by Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin during Spring Break.Well, that's their story, and their sticking to it.

The Ruins: Tuesday news and notes.

Dancing in the Ruins -  The new Big 12 rising from the ruins of the old.

But that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone. 
Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz says he's not dwelling on the troubles that befell the Longhorn defense last season. (The Austin American-Statesman)

Jackson injured.
Texas linebacker Tevin Jackson is sidelined for the rest of spring practice due to a dislocated shoulder. (Burnt Orange Nation)


Hot and bothered.
Mark C. Moore looses it after probable Baylor starting quarterback for 2013 Bryce Petty tweets his love for Creed. Chill out, bro. It just means he's into Queefcore. (Our Daily Bears)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Big Tentacles: Bo Pelini, Matt McGloin, Pat Fitzgerald, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence on the world.

That Don't Impress Me Much.
What does Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini think about his defense so far in spring practice? Not so much. (Dr. Saturday)

Hear me now and believe later! 
Former Penn State starting quarterback Matt McGloin gives his argument onwhy NFL Teams should pay attention to him in the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft. (Black Shoe Diaries)

Battle for the future.
Ian McCue looks at the competition for the Wisconsin starting running back position left vacant by the departure of Reggie Ball. (Bucky's 5th Quarter)

We're in the same boat, on the same sea. 
Ted Glover looks at the Ohio State running backs position, as the Buckeyes look for someone to step in when Braxton Miller or Carlos Hyde need a breather. (Land-Grant Holy Land) 

If the shoe Fitz...
Jeremy Fowler profiles Northwestern HC Pat Fitzgerald. (CBS Sports)

Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech do the Harlem Shake.

It's a sad day in the history of the once-proud Virginia Tech football program. The team has become the latest to unleash a Harlem Shake video, complete with the participation of head football coach Frank Beamer. 

This is sadder than watching all those Nicholas Sparks movies all at once.

(via The Roanoke Times)

Covering Dixie: Eddie Lacy, Bret Bielema, Sean Porter, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal footballs are belong to us. 

Hungry Like the Wolf Hog.
First-year Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema says that the Razorbacks are "very, very hungry to have success.” (The Arkansas News)

Lacy skipping Pro Day?
Former Alabama running back and 2013 NFL Draft prospect Eddie Lacy may miss Alabama's Pro Day due to injury. (

Laying it on the line.
Andrew Gribble looks at Alabama's offensive line as the Crimson Tide prepare to start spring practice. (

Gimmie Some Money.
Kevin Scarbinsky thinks Alabama athletic director Mal Moore is underpaid. (

Spring forward.
Scott Rabalias looks at LSU going into the start of spring practice. (The Baton Rouge Advocate)

Hey Porter. 
Lucas Jackson interviews former Texas A&M outside linebacker and 2013 NFL Draft prospect Sean Porter. (Good Bull Hunting)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?
Tennessee redshirt freshman quarterback Nathan Peterman discusses the competition to fill the shoes of former Vols' starting QB Tyler Bray. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)


Let's be careful out there.
Dawg Sports has some advice for Georgia players preparing to go on spring break. Basically , it boils down to not doing things that usually end up with the worse "Mark Richt has lost control..." being used.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Could Bev Kearney discrimination suit slam Texas?

Former Texas women's track and field coach Bev Kearney.

Are Bevo droppings about to hit the fan at Texas? There were rumors over the weekend of something big and nasty going down at Texas, apparently as fallout from a discrimination lawsuit brought by former Longhorn women's track and field coach Bev Kearney. The gist of the issue is that Kearney was forced to resign over an alledged improper relationship with a student-athlete in her program. Yes, the student was female as well.

Meanwhile. Texas has allowed now-Longhorn OC Major Applewhite to remain with the program, despite admitting to an relationship with a Texas student in 2009.

See where the alleged discrimination comes in? A female African-American gets fired for an improper same-sex relationship with a student. Meanwhile, a white assistant football coach who has an improper relationship with a student of the opposite sex, doesn't.

Burnt Orange Nation has a better explanation of events, and the implications for the Texas athletic department. Just know things could get nasty very fast.

(via Burnt Orange Nation)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Welcome to the Fallout: Georgia, Tennessee, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

Move along, nothing to see here. 
I'm not saying something's going on in Texas right now, because it probably isn't. But seeing Shaggy Bevo posters flip over rumors out sure is fun though.

Georgia gives offensive coordinator Mike Bobo a new three-year contract, and a raise.

(The Athens Banner-Herald)

Chaos Theory.
New Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones calls his practice sessions "controlled chaos."
This as opposed to the uncontrolled chaos Tennessee went through under Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops talks about the Sooners' defense. (The Oklahoman

Friday, March 8, 2013

Covering Dixie: Jadeveon Clowney, Katherine Webb, A.J, McCarron, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew

You're in good hands. 
South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney takes out a $5 million dollar insurance policy for the 2013 season. (

Just Like Romeo and Juliet.
Katherine Webb says that people in Alabama refer to Crimson Tide starting quarterback A.J. McCarron and herself to be "the Romeo and Juliet of Alabama." in an interview with Vanity Fair

To see her in that negligee is really just too much.  
Vanity Fair also features a shot of Webb in her underwear. What, you're still here?

As for "Romeo"...
McCarron admits playing with a rib injury during the last six games of the 2012 season. He suffered the injury during the Oct. 27 game against Mississippi State. (ESPN)

The Story in Your Eyes. 
Evan Woodbery looks at storylines going into the start of Tennessee's spring practice. (The Knoxville News Sentinel)

Let's be careful out there.
Georgia players art told to stay out of trouble during spring break. But that trick never works! (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Big East Conference to become the America 12 Conference?

ESPN's Brent McMurphy is reporting that the remaining football members of the Big Conference may have picked a new name.They'll have to, since the basketball-only Catholic schools are taking the Big East name with them when they leave.  It's not written in stone yet, but the remaining football schools of the Big East could become... The America 12 Conference.

And yes, someone has already used your "MERICAction" and "America F**k Yeah! 12 Conference" nickname ideas. So you'll just have to be a little smarter and a little quicker there, #Hashtag.

Points to the soon to be ex-Big East for the use of "America" in the new name, but points taken away for using a number that nobody expects will equal the exact number of teams in the conference in a few years time, if not sooner.

(via College Spun)

A.J. McCarron on Johnny Manziel, Katereine Webb, and his tattoos.

Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron was interviewed by Dan Patrick on Thursday morning. He discussed about everything you would want McCarron to talk about: returning to Alabama next season, his relationship with Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel,  girlfriend Katherine Webb, and his fondness for tattoos.

Among the highlights: 

McCarron said that his main reason for returning for his senior season the chance to play with younger brother, Corey, a sophomore who redshirted in 2012 after transferring from South Alabama.

"I felt like it was our last opportunity to have that chance, so I wanted to kind of do that before I left college."

On his relationship with Manziel, the quarterback who smashed Alabama's chances to go undefeated in 2012, and almost ended the Tide's hopes for a BCS Title.

"We text a lot," McCarron said. "He's got a lot thrown at him, so I can understand."

On Katherine Webb's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue pictures.

"The good thing is when people are looking at it, they know whose girl it is because she does have my jersey on in half of them," McCarron said. "It just kind of reminded everybody that she's already taken, so it's fine with me."

On those tattoos of his, including a some new work on his arms.

 "I think tattoos are just misinterpreted a lot because everybody thinks if you get tattoos then you're crazy and in a biker gang or something," McCarron said. "It's just a way to express yourself."


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aaron Murray will be spending his spring break in sunny Norman, Oklahoma.

Aaron Murray from Christmas, 2011. Just because.

If you've been eagerly awaiting for Aaron Murray's next bout of Spring Break mischief, you're going to be disappointed. The Georgia starting quarterback will be spending his spring break from school in Norman, Oklahoma with quarterback "guru" George Whitfield.

Murray will be working on his quarterbacking skills with Whitifeld, who is venturing out of his California base of operations to help former Oklahoma Sooner QB Landry Jones prepare for the 2013 NFL Draft. Whitfield has also worked with Heisman Trophy winning QB's Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel.

Ohio St. starting QB Braxton Miller, a potential 2013 Heisman Trophy candidate, is also expected to make the trek to Norman.

“We’re just going to train in the morning and the afternoon and Landry will train between us,” Murray said. “It should be fun. We’ll get a couple of two-a-days in, work with him, get to work with Braxton. I think that will be pretty cool.”

Murray said he’s had his share of “fun spring breaks,” but wants his “last go-round” to be about getting better for his final college season."

"Fun spring breaks" meaning spring breaks that end up with Murry getting caught on camera doing non-Mark Richt approved activities.

(via The Athens Banner-Herald)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unquiet: Washington, BYU, Boise State, and more.

Unquiet on the Western Front - Your Pac-12, Mountain West, and BYU extravaganza. 

Hold on to what you've got.
Washington starting quarterback Keith Price could find himself competing for his starting job during spring practice against freshmen Jeff Lindquist and Cyler Miles. Yes, someone in America named their kid "Cyler." Pray for our country. (Pacific Takes)

Cougars vs. Huskies.
BYU will play a home-at-home series against UConn in 2014 and 2015. The Cougars will travel to face the Huskies on their home turf, Rentschler Field in Storrs-Mansfield, CT. next year. The Huskies come to LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo in 2015. (CBS Sports)

Springtime in Boise.
Drew Roberts previews Boise State's spring practice, which starts next week. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Elsewhere in the MWC.
Jeremy Mauss has your spring football roundup for the Mountain West conference. Because somebody had to do it, right? (Mountain West Connection)

Look What They've Done to My Beaver, Ma. 
Reaction to Oregon State's new uniforms and to...the BEAVERSHARK! (Building the Dam)

Covering Dixie: Alabama, Georgia, Johnny Manziel's girlfriend, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine.
Alabama is primed to snatch class of 2014 blue chip recruits from Louisiana out of the hands of LSU. Because Mike Herndon said so. (

Springtime in Tuscaloosa. 
Roll 'Bama Roll looks at Alabama's special teams unit going into 2013 spring practice. 

Green Thoughts.
Mark Weiszer profiles Georgia cornerbacl J.J. Green. (The Athens Banner-Herald)


Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Frank Schwab begins his list of "The five most famous girlfriends in college football" with Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's girlfriend, model Sarah Savage. Gee I wonder if Katherine Webb will be on the list? (Dr. Saturday)

Oregon State unleashes...The BEAVERSHARK!

Photo via Dr. Saturday.

Oregon State becomes the latest school to get a makeover courtesy of Uncle Phil's Misguided Children at Nike. Not only do the Beavers get now unis, but they've got a an updated mascot as well. It's not just a brand new Beaver, it looks like it's something completely new entirely.


Image via Dr. Satirday.

This goes beyond radical. This is extreme rebranding at it's most absurd level. Once opponents see the Beavershark's fin protruding out of the gridiron, they'll roll back in terror. Oregon will fear it. Stanford will fear it. Heck, Sharktopus will fear it! Look out collge football, the Beavershark is on the prowl.

(via Dr. Saturday)

Monday, March 4, 2013

FSU to play Boise State in home-at-home series in 2019 & 2020.

Time to adjust those long-term college football schedules. Florida State and Boise State have agreed to a home-at-home series in 2019 & 2020. The Broncos will make the trip to Tallahassee in 2019, then the Seminoles will come to the blue turf of Bronco Stadium in Boise in 2020.

The first game between the two schools is six years away. To put that into perspective, here are some events that will happen between now and 2019:

Two Winter Olympics (Sochi, Russia in 2014, Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018)
One Summer Olympics (Rio De Janeiro in 2016)
Two FIFA World Cups (Brazil in 2014, Russia in 2018)
One US Presidential election.
Three Congressional elections.

Yes, six years is a long wait for a seires between relevant college football programs like FSU and Boise St. But these things take time. Of course with the current trends in college football at the moment, the 'Noles and Broncos could find themselves in the same conference by then.

(via College Football Talk)

Michigan cowboy boots? Michigan cowboy boots.

Here's your touch of surrealism of the day - Michigan cowboy boots. Forgive me If I don't think of Michigan when it comes to things either country or cowboy. Look, I know Lefty Frizzell was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but I connect the Wolverine State more with automotive factories, Motown, Bob Seger and Iggy Pop.

That said, The Detroit Free Press ran a short little story on this pair of cowboy emblazoned with the Michigan Block M. Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke reportedly owns a pair of these books, and has willingly worn them in public. These are put out by a company called Gameday Boots, and they sell for $399.99.

Gameday Boots also makes cowboy boots for a number of college fans. Sadly, there's not a Ohio State model, which is just as well because I can't imagine Buckeye HC Urban Meyer in a pair of cowboy boots anyway.

(via The Detroit Free Press)

Big Tentacles: Penn State, Northwestern, Ohio State, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and it's influence over college football.

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. 
Jared Slanina looks at which incoming Penn State freshmen are causing the most excitment among the Nittany Lion faithful.  (Black Shoe Diaries)

The NCAA should look at reducing sanctions against Penn State.
Because Gene Wojciechowski said so. (ESPN)

Staying the course.
Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald will continue using both Kain Colter and Trevor Sieman at quarterback in 2013. (Lake the Posts)

Spring into action.
Andrew Coppens previews Ohio State going into spring football practice.(The B1G Time)

Down on the Corner.
Anthony Mammel looks at the cornerback position situation for Michigan's 2013 team. (Maize n Brew)

Ten Rounds With Ian Cuevas.
Land-Grant Holy Land's Ian Cuevas looks at Ohio St. recruiting.


Dream of Marchinfronication.
The brackets for Black Heart Gold Pants' 2013 Marchinfornication Tournament are out. Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz and AIRBHG are the number one seeds.

Covering Dixie: Les Miles rumors, Bobby Bowden on Nick Saban, Jarvis Jones, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

Look at all these rumors surroundin’ me every day.
Brian Floyd blasts the totally false rumor about LSU head football coach Les Miles resigning that went around this past weekend. (SB*Nation)

No End in Sight.
Former Florida State head footbal coach Bobby Bowden says he doesn't "see an end" to Nick Saban's success as HC of Alabama. (

Pitch Perfect.
Former Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones threw out the ceremonial first pitch of the spring training game between Atlanta Braves'  6-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers. (Throw the Flag)

Tennessee hires new RB coach.
Tennessee hires former West Virginia running backs coach Robert Gillespie to handle the same job for the Vols. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

Devaunte Sigler is an ex-Tiger. 
Auburn defensive tackle Devaunte Sigler has been dismissed from the football program for the ever-vague "violation of team rules." (

In other Auburn news...
Joel A. Erickson looks at the new no-huddle offense being put into place at Auburn under the Tiger's first-year HC Gus Malzahn. (

Look at the schedule!
Phil Steele takes a look at the individual 2013 team schedules  for the SEC. (Phil Steele's College Football Preview)