Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tennessee fans irate over Nick Saban speaking engagement in Athens, TN.

Losing to Alabama six years in a row is apparently getting to Tennessee supporters. The recent decision by the Athens, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce to book Alabama head football coach Nick Saban for a June 11 to speak at a dinner sponsored by the group has gotten some Volunteer fans all hot and bothered enough to express their disdain via e-mail to chamber president Rob Preston.

 Here's one of the e-mails that was sent by an irate Rocky Topper.

“You CANNOT be so naive as to think Saban has agreed (to speak) out of the goodness of his heart,” one Tennessee fan emailed Preston. “This shrewd person is doing it to benefit recruiting. PERIOD. Don’t for a second think differently, or you are a fool. 

“So, on behalf of the vast number of TN fans, thank you for doing your part in helping Saban and the hated AL program. I can only hope that people are not dumb enough to support your event.” 

To make matters worse, the chamber has already sold 981 tickets for the event. Last year's dinner, honoring the BCS title-winning Tennessee football team, featuring former Vols HC Phil Fulmer and team members Peerless Price and Al Wilson, was attended by only 276 guests. Good going, Vol Nation.

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel. HT