Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pat Fitzgerald compares National Signing Day to getting engaged in the creepiest quote of the day.

As if National Signing Day wasn't already the creepiest day of the year, along comes Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald to totally creep you out with his description of what NSD is like.

"We believe a commitment is like getting engaged,'' Pat Fitzgerald told the Chicago Tribune. "We tell our young men, while you're dating, if you decide to date other people, that's great. But the minute you get engaged and set a wedding date, this dating is all off. If you decide to go back to dating after you've been engaged, no longer is there going to be a wedding.''

Nice, a 38 year-old coach comparing NSD to getting engaged to someone half his age.Nothing creepy about that, is there?

(via Dr. Saturday)