Thursday, February 7, 2013

Johnny Manziel makes 11 year-old Texas House page's day.

Photo courtesy of Team Whitaker.

While Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel was being honored by the Texas Legislature in Austin, Tx. on Wednesday, he took some time out from shaking hands and getting pictures taken with various  Legislatures members to have a picture made with Will Whitaker, an 11 year-old serving as a Texas House of Representatives page that day.

His mother Kathryn described her son on her family blog as a "kid who has cried himself to sleep for darn near every Aggie football game of his entire life" during Texas A&M's lean years of the past decade. Naturally, things changed last season with Manziel leading the Aggies to a successful first year in the SEC.  She claims her son had "almost worn out YouTube and 12th Man TV from watching all the (Manziel highlight) videos."

Mrs. Whitaker describes the meeting on her family's blog.

"Then I saw him meet you after you were recognized on the House Floor. He proudly shook your hand, took a picture and had you adorn his Page badge with your signature.

Those 30 seconds meant the world to him."

It's nice to hear how Manziel is inspiring the next generation.

(via Team Whitaker)