Monday, February 18, 2013

Johnny Manziel discusses his social media presence.

In just one season Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel has managed to become the possibly the biggest college football star in social media history. His impact on social media has surpassed any inroads made by previous Heisman winners like Tim Tebow or Cam Newton. This has made him a target to some who would wish he would focus more on football or school.

Manziel himself is philosophical towards criticism of his social media presence.

If you use social media as an athlete, you learn to develop a thick skin. Any criticism just rolls off my back," Manziel said in a phone interview. "Some people are only wanting a response from you, positive or negative. So you've got to have thick skin, and I do. I know what I'm doing. I know I'm in compliance [with NCAA rules] and I'm not doing anything different than a lot of other kids. A lot of 20-year-olds go to Mardi Gras."

A lot of 20-year-olds also don't have over 300,000 followers on Twitter. That means a lot to Manziel.

 "I think the positive feedback you read is awesome, to really hear what people think about me and how I'm their role model and stuff like that makes you feel great," said Manziel, who racked up an NCAA-best 5,116 yards of total offense and accounted for 47 touchdowns (21 rushing, 26 passing) last season. "As far as my tweeting, I just try to let people know a little bit more about who I am and what I do throughout the day. I'm just a normal kid like everybody else."

Manziel social media presence may not impress critics, but they probably keep up with him on Twitter anyway.

(via The Fort Worth-Star Telegram)

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