Thursday, February 28, 2013

Covering Dixie: Alabama, Johnny Manziel, Luke Joeckel, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, nine BCS titles and counting. 

Alabama players dismissed. 
Alabama dismisses Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes, D.J. Pettway, and Brent Calloway for their involvement in the alleged robberies of two Alabama students. (ESPN)

And yes...
'Bama is in the lead in the Fulmer Cup standings. Florida, Texas A&M, and Georgia are also representing the SEC in the standings. (EDSBS)

He's touring the facility and picking up slack.
Alabama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran shows off the Crimson Tide's new $9 million dollar weight room. (

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
The NCAA is monitoring Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's trademark infringement lawsuit against the maker of "Keep Calm and Johnny Football" t-shirts to make sure it doesn't violate any of the association's precious rules. (Dr. Saturday)

Luke Joeckel should be the number one overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.
Because David Harris said so. As Kansas City has traded for Alex Smith, he probably has a good shot of doing so. (The Bryan-College Station Eagle)

Zander Ogletree is an ex-Bulldog.
Georgia reports fullback Zander Ogletree has left the team due to medical issues. Ogletree is the twin brother of former UGA linebacker Alec Ogletree. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?
Georgia head football coach Mark Richt discusses the need for the to find new playmakers on Dawgs' defense going into spring practice. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

The Oregon Duck does Ferris Bueller.

What better way for Oregon to pimp its very own Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art than with a Ferris Bueller's Day Off parody, complete with Puddles the Duck in the role of Ferris? Well, maybe if they got Joey Harrington to play the role of Cameron. And the guy they did use was actually wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey. But hey that's nitpicking. Besides, Reebok is the NHL's outfitter, so Uncle Phil wouldn't be too happy with that now, would he?

(via Throw the Flag)

Alabama redefines sweat as being "just your fat crying."

Photo via EDSBS.

Okay, The sign in Alabama's new $9 million-dollar weight room is original. But admit it, isn't just a little...well, lame? Seriously, it doesn't quite match up to "Pain is weakness leaving your body" now, does it? I'd expect to see that sign in a Curves franchise, not an SEC weight room. Well, maybe in Vanderbilt's weight room, but Vandy's Vandy.

(via EDSBS)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mississippi State loves its cows as much as it likes cowbells.

Mississippi State likes its cows as much as it likes cowbells. In other words, it likes both a little too much for comfort. To prove it, the Mississippi State Diary Science Club has made a video tribute to its bovine friends, sung to the music of Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine." Naturally, it's called "Any Cow of Mine."

On the positive side, it isn't a remake of Guadalcanal Diary's "Cattle Prod." On the negative side, it isn't.

In other news, the infamous "Party in the UGA" is no longer the most awkward video in SEC history.

(via For Whom the Cowbell Tolls)

Covering Dixie: Stupid media hacks edition, featuring Rick Reilly on Johnny Manziel, and accusations of brainwashing at Alabama.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day. Sadly featuring Rick Reilly. 
Rick Reilly says Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel should be able to financially profit from is success in College Station. (ESPN)

The Tuscaloosan Candidate.
Jim Litke compares college recruiting with "brainwashing." Naturally he uses Alabama head football coach Nick Saban to do so. Look, if Saban was actually able to brainwash Crimson Tide players, he would program them to not do stupid stuff like steal other people's credit cards. (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

Another voice in the crowd. 
Georgia athletic Greg McGarity joins the chorus of those concerned about changes to the NCAA's rules on recruiting. Many Georgia fans more concerned that UGA still hasn't named a new recruiting coordinator yet. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Who's Better Who's Best.
Jon Cooper looks at the SEC's winners and losers at the 2013 NFL Combine in the various skill tests. Some players like former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu find themselves in both categories. (Saturday Down South)

Changing Times.
Good Bull Hunting looks at the changing landscape of recruiting, and how it relates to Texas A&M.


The Muschamp is here.
Frank Schwab thinks Florida head football coach Will Muschamp would make a good WWE Superstar. Sorry Will, John Cena wears the jorts in the WWE. (Dr. Saturday)

Alabama officially honored for winning 2012 Iron Bowl.

Nick Saban. Photo via

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban and the 2012 BCS Championship Crimson Tide football team did two things Tuesday night at the Auburn-Alabama men's basketball game in Coleman Coliseum. One was to officially be honored with the ODK Foy Sportsmanship Trophy for winning the Iron Bowl against Auburn last season. The other was to remind the Alabama men's basketball team, currently ranked 2nd in the SEC conference, who really the boss in Tuscaloosa.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sports Illustrated features South Carolina's Jadevon Clowney and Ohio St.'s Braxton Miller on regional covers.

Sports Illustrated takes a little poke at itself as Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller and South Carolina defensive end Jadevon Clowney burst through separate regional versions of SI's yearly March Madness cover. It's part of SI's spring college football preview. Clowney is called "Football's next bust-out star, while Miller is "Ready to burst onto the Heisman Scene."

(via Inside Sports Illustrated)

Covering Dixie, Johnny Manziel's lawsuit, Bret Bielema, Alabama, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

The more things change...
Chris Low looks at how in the wake of all the upheaval in the SEC in the past year with with expansion and the replacement of coaches at three programs, Alabama continues to be the team to beat. (ESPN)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?
Michael Carvell looks at why Georgia hasn't formally named a replacement for former Bulldog recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner yet. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Mark Helm looks at the recent lawsuit brought by Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's company, JMAN2 Enterprises LLC, against a man selling "Keep Calm and Johnny Football" emblazoned t-shirts, and whether or not it provides a loophole in NCAA rules to allow athletes to profit from their success. (

Walking to New Orleans. 
Ole Miss secondary and defensive coordinator coach Wesley McGriff is leaving to become the defensive backs coach for the New Orleans Saints. (SB*Nation)


Bielema-mania runs wild?
Frank Schwab claims that Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema would be a "good WWE wrestler." Honestly, the last thing I want to see is on Earth is a former Wisconsin HC in either a pair of wrestling tights or a singlet. I still get nightmares from Bucky Badger. (Dr. Saturday)

Poetry Corner.
An Ole Miss inspired parody of T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." Well, would you expect any less from the Land of Faulkner?  (Red Cup Rebellion)

You're too late, I've already done that!
Team Speed Kills mocks Boise State agreeing to a home-at-home deal with Virginia saying "Boise State will attempt to prove that it can play with the SEC by beating an ACC team." Uh, they did that in 2011 by beating Georgia in the 2011 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game.

Monday, February 25, 2013

OOPS! misidentifies former Alabama OG Barrett Jones.

Former Alabama offensive guard tweeted the following this afternoon. 

The photo has since been replaced with the correct image of Jones.

(via @BarrettAJones)

LSU receives 2014 commitment from high school junior linebacker Donnie Alexander.

High school junior LB Donnie Alexander. Photo via

LSU's recruiting class of 2013 is barely a month old, but it isn't stopping the class of 2014 to begin taking shape. And the Valley Shook reports that Louisiana high school junior linebacker Donnie Alexander has given a verbal commitment for LSU's 2014 recruiting class. Alexander currently attends Edna Karr High School in New Orleans.

(via And the Valley Shook)

VIDEO: Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin awarded honorary WWE Heavyweight belt.

Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin can now say he has something that Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel doesn't - a title belt. At last night's WWE house show in College Station, Sumlin was awarded an honorary WWE  World Heavyweight Championship belt by current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Albert Del Rio.

That still didn't stop WWE wrestler Superstar The Big Show from trying to rain on Sumlin's parade.

No word where Johnny Football was last night. I'm shocked he apparently didn't go down to the Daytona 500 this weekend. 

(via Saturday Down South)

Texas Tech at have multiple alternate helmet options in 2013?

Photo via

Is Texas Tech ready to take the alternate helmet craze to the next level? A prospect attending the school's junior day over the past weekend posted this image of a selection of possible helmet designs for the upcoming 2013 season. The designs range from the classic "Double T" helmet to variations of the team's Red Raider mascot to an Alabama-style helmet with the player's number.

There's no official word that any or all will be used next season, but as new Texas A&M head football coach Kliff Kingsbury is a known style innovator and former fashion model, it's a strong possibility that you'll see more than one of these helmets next season.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Clowney for Heisman 2013" sign appears in front of Howard's rock in Clemson's Death Valley.

(Photo via Leftover Hot Dog)

The SEC tradition of trolling rival school's campuses has taken a turn outside the conference. Some enterprising South Carolina fans left this sign in front of Howard's Rock in Clemson's Memorial Stadium promoting SCAR defensive end Jadevon Clowney for the 2013 Heisman Trophy. 

Credit should probably go to Gamecock fans for taking SEC trolling to the next level, and by not leaving behind a path of destruction. (I'm talking to you, Alabama). Admittedly, pimping Clowney's Heisman hopes in Death Valley is kind of original. But take away Howard's Rock*, and this would lose a lot.

(No, Gamecock Fan, I don't mean that literally.)

(via Leftover Hot Dog. HT Leather Helmet Blog.)

Alabama has already gotten a commitment for its class of 2015.

Deionte Thompson. (photo via

The recruiting carousel never really stops. It's only been a few weeks since National Signing Day 2013. Recruiting for 2014 is just getting started, and Alabama has already gotten a commitment for 2015. Texas sophomore defensive back Deionte Thompson announced via Twitter that he's committed to the Crimson Tide after visiting Tuscaloosa for Alabama's Junior Day. This isn't quite USC head coach Lane Kiffin recruiting a 13 year-old, but it's pretty darn close by 'Bama HC Nick Saban's standards.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Georgia tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith arrested for filing a false police report over "stolen" textbooks.

It's "Mark Richt has lost control of..." time again. This one involves a player's arrest that's strange even for Georgia's standards. Bulldog tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested on Friday night after filing a false report to the UGA police claiming his textbooks had been stolen.

In reality Flournoy-Smith has sold his textbooks to an Athens-area book buying company.

“He went through this whole story of his books being stolen,” (UGA police chief Jimmy)Williamson said. “We started looking into it and it was determined that the books were not stolen. He had taken his own books down to a local book buying company and sold them back to them.”

Williamson said that Flournoy-Smith, who just completed his freshman season, appeared to have filed the false police report because there was a process with the Athletic Association in which Flournoy-Smith had to explain the lost textbooks.

“Once it was determined the books had never been stolen, that he had actually sold them for money for himself, that’s when we took out a warrant for filing a false police report,” Williamson said."
Flournoy-Smith faces "a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report of a crime." He was released early Saturday morning on $1,000 bond. Don't expect Mark Richt to be a happy camper on Monday.

(via The Athens Banner-Herald)

The Fallout: Johnny Manziel, UGA, Boise State, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday news and notes.

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
D.J. Gallo looks at the controversy involving Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel only taking online classes this semester, and the "real life education" he's gaining doing things like meeting the stars of Duck Dynasty ("Zoology 202"). (ESPN)

A Few Small Repairs.
Texas A&M reveals plans for the expansion of Kyle Field. (The Houston Chronicle)
Anything you can do I can do better.
Good Bull Hunting has it's own ideas for Kyle Field, including a "Tropical island for tailgating," and a Waffle House (which surprisingly doesn't have a location in Aggieland). 

Next Position Please.
Dawg Sports looks into which position Georgia might play Josh Harvey-Clemons at in the 2013 season.

I like Mike.
USC will reportedly name former Indiana co-defensive coordinator Mike Ekeler as the Trojans' new linebackers coach. (The Orange County Register)

Trouble in Paradise?
Drew Roberts looks at concerns going into the start of spring practice at Boise State. (One Bronco Nation Under God)


Dye job.
Texas high school junior wide receiver Trey Dye commits to BYU's 2014 recruiting class. (Vanquish the Foe)


What's Your Name?
Roll Bama Roll names Ole Miss wide receiver Philander Moore the best name in the SEC.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Reports: Mike Groh leaving Florida State to become new wide receivers coach at Alabama.

The Alabama coaching carousel continues in Tuscaloosa. Or is that the Alabama carousel in Tallahassee? Billy Napier, who in January became Florida State's new tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator, is reportedly headed back to Tuscaloosa. He reportedly will be the Crimson Tide's new wide receivers coach, replacing the departing Mike Groh. Groh recently left Nick Saban's coaching staff to become WR coach for the Chicago Bears.

Napier has a history with Alabama. He served as a quality control assistant on Saban's staff in at Alabama 2011.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, Alabama, and Auburn.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us.

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Tim Cowlishaw rings in on Texas A&M starting QB's online classes. Which brings up the question of what the Ghost of Al Davis would think of Johnny Football. (The Dallas Morning News)

The Cristobal Run.
Alabama officially announces the hiring of former Florida International head football coach Mario Cristobal as the Crimson Tide's new offensive line coach. (

Auburn defense.
Track 'Em Tigers looks at Auburn's 2013 defense.

The Ruins: Collin Klein, Kliff Kingsbury, and more.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 emerging from the ruins of the old. 

He put in his thumb. And pulled out a Plummer.
Former Kansas State starting quarterback Collin Klein is getting ready for the 2013 NFL Draft with the help of former Denver Broncos QB Jake Plummer. (CBS Sports)

Kliff Notes. 
New Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury will be speaking at the Abiline Fellowship of Christian Athletes Community Luncheon on March 5. (KTXS)

Desperate But Not Serious.
The Big 12 wants permission from the NCAA to have a championship game with only ten members, but it isn't really in a rush to have one at the moment. (AP/ESPN)

They're just not that into you.
SMU cancels it's scheduled Sept. 14 road trip to Baylor. (Our Daily Bears)

Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds on the Hot Seat?
Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds on the Hot Seat. (SB*Nation)

Longhorn O-Line.
Wescott Eberts looks at Texas' 2013 offensive line. (Burnt Orange Nation)

I'm Just a Bill.
Jason Kersey profiles new Oklahoma offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh. (The Oklahoman)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Tentacles: Brady Hoke, Pat Fitzgerald, Nebraska, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and it's influence over the college football landscape.

Three is a Magic Number.
Ramzy Nasrallah looks at Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke's upcoming third season in Ann Arbor, and looks back at the third seasons of previous Wolverine HC's. (Eleven Warriors)

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? 
Ohio State athletic director winds up on Peter Berkes' list of AD's who could be on the Hot Seat in 2013. (SB*Nation)

A Brief History of Fitz. 
Rohan Nadkarni provides "The oral history of the Pat Fitzgerald era" at Northwestern. (The Daily Northwestern)

But I would walk five hundred miles. And I would walk five hundred more.
Corn Nation looks at the difficulties Nebraska has when it comes to recruiting the 500 mile area surrounding the Lincoln campus. 


First we take Manhattan. Then we take Berlin. 
Ted Glover looks at Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany's plans for world domination B1G expansion. (Off Tackle Empire)

Covering Dixie: A.J. McCarron booted, Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin, and more.

 Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC.

A.J. McCarron's SUV via Deadspin.

Das Boot.
Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's SUV got hit with a car boot on the Alabama campus. (Deadspin)

Take a Chance On Me?
The Kansas City Chiefs should take former Alabama offensive lineman Chance Warmack as the overall number one pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Because NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said so. (

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Kevin Scarbinsky discusses how Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel is "redefining" what it means to be a student-athlete. Meaning he's only taking online classes this semester. (

Kevin Sumlin gets belted. 
Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin will be awarded an honorary WWE world title belt when the Road to Wrestlemania stops through College Station this Sunday.  (SB*Nation)

Whatchagot, Loran?
Loran Smith profiles Georgia Heisman Trophy-winning legend Hershel Walker. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

It's getting hot in here. 
Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs makes Peter Berkes' list of AD's who are on the Hot Seat in 2013. (SB*Nation)

Back that Pythagoras up. 
Roll Bama Roll looks at Pythagorean projections for the SEC in 2012. This is about as stat-wonky as it gets, folks.


Late Registration.
Kansas JUCO defensive lineman Toby Johnson signs to Georgia's 2013 recruiting class. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Tennessee fans irate over Nick Saban speaking engagement in Athens, TN.

Losing to Alabama six years in a row is apparently getting to Tennessee supporters. The recent decision by the Athens, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce to book Alabama head football coach Nick Saban for a June 11 to speak at a dinner sponsored by the group has gotten some Volunteer fans all hot and bothered enough to express their disdain via e-mail to chamber president Rob Preston.

 Here's one of the e-mails that was sent by an irate Rocky Topper.

“You CANNOT be so naive as to think Saban has agreed (to speak) out of the goodness of his heart,” one Tennessee fan emailed Preston. “This shrewd person is doing it to benefit recruiting. PERIOD. Don’t for a second think differently, or you are a fool. 

“So, on behalf of the vast number of TN fans, thank you for doing your part in helping Saban and the hated AL program. I can only hope that people are not dumb enough to support your event.” 

To make matters worse, the chamber has already sold 981 tickets for the event. Last year's dinner, honoring the BCS title-winning Tennessee football team, featuring former Vols HC Phil Fulmer and team members Peerless Price and Al Wilson, was attended by only 276 guests. Good going, Vol Nation.

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel. HT

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

North Carolina and Virginia headed to the Big Ten?

Here we go again. The rumors about another round of the Big Ten raiding the ACC are back in full force. Reports claim that the B1G has given North Carolina an invitation to join the conference. This would be in conjunction with Virginia also defecting from the ACC.

To be honest, I cant see UNC leaving the ACC without Duke. The two schools have been the subject of rumors that they could be SEC bound.  Though that one's been fallow for a while now.

Of course, this brings up the old rumor of Georgia Tech joining the Big Ten. Even though the B1G has more than enough "nerd" schools with Purdue and Northwestern, having the North Avenue Trade School just might work. Imagine the Purdue-Georgia Tech rivalry. I can already see the name for it - "TrainWreck."

As usual, this one has "the voices in your head don't count as reliable sources." But stay tuned.

(via Land-Grant Holy Land)

The Ruins: Kliff Kingsbury, Baylor, Texas, and more.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 crawling out from the ruins of the old.

Texas Tech has reportedly finalized a $10.5-$13.5 million dollar contract with new Red Raiders head football coach Kliff Kingsbury. (ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth)

They're just not that into you?
Mark C Moore looks at how SMU's addition of FCS program Montana State might lead to the Mustangs dropping Baylor from it's 2013 schedule. (Our Daily Bears)

Tell me a story(line).
Wescott Eberts looks at storylines heading into Texas spring football practice. (Burnt Orange Nation)

Oklahoma coaching news. 
Oklahoma hires former West Virginia offensive lines coach Bill Bedenbaugh to the same position on the Sooners' coaching staff. (The Norman Transcript)

Cody wants a pony.
Jason Kersey profiles Oklahoma recruiting class of 2013 quarterback Cody Thomas. (The Oklahoman)

Former Oklahoma St. QB that inspired Mike Gundy's "I'm a man! I'm 40!" rant joins Gundy's staff.

Bobby Reid, the former Oklahoma State quarterback and subject of Cowboys' head football coach Mike Gundy's legendary "I'm a man! I'm 40!" rant is back in Stillwater with a new job. He's joined Gundy's coaching staff in a non-coaching position. Reid once claimed to ESPN the Magazine that he felt that the rant "basically ended my life." Gundy said that he had "patched" things up with Reid last summer.

(via ESPN)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a Darth Vader mask gets a hug from a bathrobe-wearing Katherine Webb.

Move along. Nothing to see here. It's just ubiquitous football girlfriend Katherine Webb in a bathrobe hugging Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wearing a Darth Vader mask. This obviously has something to do with Splash, that celebrity diving show ABC thinks America has eagerly been waiting for. Otherwise A.J. McCarron might be worried that there's a Princess Leia costume under Webb's bathrobe.

(via Deadspin)

Gary Simon and Marquis Anderson are ex-Sooners.

Oklahoma's roster contracted slightly over the weekend.  A spokesman for the football program confirmed reports that cornerback Gary Simon and redshirt freshman defensive tackle Marquis Anderson were no longer members of the team. Defensive tackle Damon Williams has also reportedly left the team, but that has not been confirmed.

(via The Oklahoman)

Johnny Manziel discusses his social media presence.

In just one season Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel has managed to become the possibly the biggest college football star in social media history. His impact on social media has surpassed any inroads made by previous Heisman winners like Tim Tebow or Cam Newton. This has made him a target to some who would wish he would focus more on football or school.

Manziel himself is philosophical towards criticism of his social media presence.

If you use social media as an athlete, you learn to develop a thick skin. Any criticism just rolls off my back," Manziel said in a phone interview. "Some people are only wanting a response from you, positive or negative. So you've got to have thick skin, and I do. I know what I'm doing. I know I'm in compliance [with NCAA rules] and I'm not doing anything different than a lot of other kids. A lot of 20-year-olds go to Mardi Gras."

A lot of 20-year-olds also don't have over 300,000 followers on Twitter. That means a lot to Manziel.

 "I think the positive feedback you read is awesome, to really hear what people think about me and how I'm their role model and stuff like that makes you feel great," said Manziel, who racked up an NCAA-best 5,116 yards of total offense and accounted for 47 touchdowns (21 rushing, 26 passing) last season. "As far as my tweeting, I just try to let people know a little bit more about who I am and what I do throughout the day. I'm just a normal kid like everybody else."

Manziel social media presence may not impress critics, but they probably keep up with him on Twitter anyway.

(via The Fort Worth-Star Telegram)

Read more here:

Read more here:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nick Saban takes on critics who think Alabama has more running backs than it needs.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban knows what you're thinking. He knows you think Alabama signed too many running backs on National Signing Day. He knows you think T.J. Yeldon and Kenyan are more than enough for the Crimson Tide. Worse, he knows why you think Alabama doesn't need more RB's than just Yeldon and Kenyan.

“To me, to have really good depth at running back, you need five really good players. Three guys usually play a lot,” Saban said. 

“So, I know in your little fantasy football world...”

It was at that point of the answer when Saban’s intensity peaked. He trailed off, but ultimately clarified the expectations of the Crimson Tide’s four newest running backs.

“Several of these guys we recruited,” he said, “are going to have lots of opportunity to contribute this year.”

That's right, haters. Saban knows your criticism is all about you and your fantasy football team. Well here's some news for you all - Saban plays real football, and he plays for something more than that paltry little fantasy football league trophy you covet. You can go ponder how insignificant your life really is now. 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Northwestern joins the Harlem Shake craze.

The Harlem Shake is not from Harlem, nor is it a shake. Discuss amongst yourselves.

And while you're doing that, here's Northwestern's football squad with their entry into the internet craze that makes people wish that the Butlerian Jihad happens soon.

(via Sippin' on Purple)

The Fallout: Stanford, Oregon, and Florida.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition.

Nunes injured.
Stanford quarterback Josh Nunes will miss spring practice due to an undisclosed injury. (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

A Few Small Repairs.
Oregon announces plans to make improvements to Autzen Stadium. (Addicted to Quack)

2014 recruiting

Florida recruiting.
Florida high school junior Travaris Dorsey commits to Florida's 2014 recruiting class. (Alligator Army)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Covering Dixie: Steve Spurrier on Jadevon Clowney, Cam Cameron, Tyler Bray, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC.

Clowney will play in 2013. 
South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier says that Gamecock defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will not sit out the 2013 season, as was suggested by some pundits during the week. (AP/ESPN)

Please allow me to introduce myself.
Former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will formally be introduced as the new OC of LSU. (AP/

Alabama hires two.
Alabama named Kevin Steele as new director of player personnel and Kerry Stevenson as new director of player development. (

When Tyler Met Chucky.
Former Tennessee star quarterback Tyler Bray will take part in this year's Jon Gruden Quarterback Camp in what will be the closest Gruden ever gets to coaching the Volunteers. Former Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, Texas A&M offensive tackle Luck Joeckel, and South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore will also be part of the ESPN series. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

Stop the run.
Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham says the Bulldogs' defense needs to work on stopping the run more in 2013. It would also help Georgia if Grantham didn't try to run after every DC opening in the NFL during the offseason. (Get the Picture)

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Kevin McGuire reminds America that Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel's offseason has been better than what you have been doing. (The Crystal Ball Run)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today is the 100th anniversary of Woody Hayes' birth.

Besides being Valentine's Day, Feb. 14 marks the 100th anniversary of the late Ohio State coaching legend Woody Hayes' birth. I'm sure Buckeye fans will celebrate appropriately.

Make sure you leave Urban Meyer a slice. I think he wants one of the eyes.

(via 11 Warriors)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Georgia men's swim and football teams make dueling Harlem Shake videos.

I'm not even going to try to explain what the Harlem Shake is, or why it's caused an epidemic of Dadaist videos on YouTube. Mostly because a) I don't really care enough to explore the origins of this Freudian nightmare-inducing craze, and b) There's really no use in explaining it, it just is.

All you need to know that the craze has hit Athens, Ga., and the University of Georgia men's swim and dive team went the extra yard to go their version by doing it underwater. This may be the most disturbing underwater scene I've seen since The Magic Voyage of Sinbad episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Not to be outdone, the UGA football team decided to make a version of their own to challenge the swim team for Harlem Shake supremacy.

If you're about to make the "Mark Richt has lost control..." joke, don't worry about it. Someone already beat you to it. The scary part, that may be him in the Jaguar hat.

(via @PlannedSickDays)

Covering Dixie: Alabama players suspended, Tyler Wilson, Kevin Sumlin, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC, and just the SEC. 

Rammer Jammer Yellow Banhammered. 
Alabama head football coach Nick Saban suspends Brent Calloway, Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes and Dennis Pettway, who were arrested Monday on charges of second-degree robbery. (Dr. Saturday)

Not good enough!
Kevin Scarbinsky calls on Saban to dismiss the quartet of players. (

I Will Follow?
Team Speed Kills wonders if the SEC will join the Big Ten in expanding the number of conference games played per season.

Slip Sliding Away?
Leather Helmet Blog looks at claims that Georgia is slipping behind the rest of the SEC in recruiting.

Love and affection.
ESPN NFL Draft expert Todd McShay showers praise on former Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson. (Arkansas Expats)

Roll With the Changes?
The hiring of new LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron may signal big changes for the Bayou Bengals' offense. (The Baton Rouge Advocate)

I Love a Parade.
Texas A&M HC Kevin Sumlin will serve as the Grand Marshal for the Feb. 23 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade. (The Houston Chronicle)

2014 Recruiting

You Ware It Well.
Florida high school junior defensive end  Denzel Ware commits to Kentucky's 2014 recruiting class. (A Sea of Blue)

Come on to the Future.
Good Bull Hunting looks ahead to Texas A&M's recruiting needs in 2014.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Urban Meyer tells lewd joke about Woody Hayes and a turtle in public.

Did you hear the one about legendary Ohio State head football coach Woody Hayes and the turtle? Well here's current Buckeye HC Urban Meyer here to tell you all about it. Fun begins around 2:37.

In case you couldn't here the audio too well...

"So I guess Ohio State had lost the bowl game, so Earl Bruce brings in Woody Hayes. I had been there just a week and I'm thinking, 'Holy, this is Coach Hayes.' I'm sitting in the back. Coach Hayes was not healthy at the time, but stands up and starts laying into the coaching staff about toughness. That we have no toughness in the program. That's why we lost the game. On and on and screaming, this old guy pounding the table. He says, 'We have no toughness, and the reason is because you're not tough. No one on this staff is tough enough, and that's a problem.' "He reaches down and grabs this box, slides the top and there was something in the box moving around. He reaches in and he pulls out this turtle. He reaches down, this turtle's snapping and he says, 'I'm going to show you toughness.' He unzips his pants and takes out whatever he takes out. The turtle reaches up and snaps at him. You see the veins and the sweat (on Hayes). He screams at the coaches, 'That's toughness! That's f'n toughness!' He reaches down, pokes the turtle right in the eye and it falls off. He wipes the sweat off his forehead and says, 'That's the problem. We don't have anybody in this room tough enough to do that right there. "(One assistant) raises his hand and says, 'Coach, I'd do this. Just promise not to poke me in the eye.'" 

You have to wonder if Meyer ever told this one to Tebow. 

(via The Big Lead, SB*Nation)

Four members of Alabama football team arrested on charges of robbery, credit card fraud.

Four Alabama freshmen football players have gone from helping the Crimson Tide win the 2012 BCS title to helping put the tide in the running for the 2013 Fulmer Cup. The quartet were arrested in Tuscaloosa on Monday and were charged with "second degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card."

The four players are defensive back Eddie Williams, defensive lineman Dennis "D.J." Pettway, linebacker Tyler Hayes and linebacker Brent Calloway. Calloway was already facing charges  charges of "carrying a pistol without a license."

Regardless of the outcome of the case, don't hold your breath about seeing these four playing for Bama in 2013.

(via Bama Hammer)

Covering Dixie: Bobby Petrino, Bret Bielema, Butch Jones, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - SEC news and notes. 

My Bad.
Western Kentucky head football coach Bobby Petrino take responsibility for how Arkansas disastrous 2012 season turned out after his firing last April. (Dr. Saturday)

I'm special, so special. I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me.
Arkansas television station KNWA has produced and hour-long special on new Arkansas HC Bret Bielema. (Arkansas Expats)

One to Groh on.
Alabama wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Mike Groh named "Recruiter of the Year" by both and (

Parting is such sweet sorrow. 
Alabama defensive analyst Kelvin Sigler is leaving the Crimson Tide coaching staff to become defensive backs coach at Northern Illinois. (

Definitely Maybe.
The Capstone Report wonders if winning three of the past four BCS titles is making Alabama fans spoiled. Nah, they acted entitled even before Nick Saban took over as HC.

The only easy day was yesterday.
Tennessee HC Butch Jones will find it to be a tough job recruiting players for the Volunteers. Because David Climer said so. (The Tennessean)

Obligatory Johnny Manziel-related item of the day.
New Texas A&M offensive coordinator Clarence McKinney says he has no plans to "try and control" Aggie starting quarterback Johnny Manziel when it comes to on-the-field play. You can go ahead and make the obvious joke about nobody at Texas A&M being able to control Manziel yourself. (The Houston Chronicle)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Tentacles: Urban Meyer, Kirk Ferentz, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and it's long-reaching influence on college football.

No one knows what it's like to be the bad man.
Peter Berkes ponders why Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer is considered a "villain" in college football. It ain't rocket science, buddy. (SB*Nation)

No Rest for the Wicked. 
Meyer and Ohio State are already raiding Michigan for commitments to the Buckeyes' recruiting class of 2014. (The Columbus Dispatch)

When Nittany Eyes Are Smiling.
Penn State is looking at playing a game in Ireland, according to Nittany Lion HC Bill O'Brien. (

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz is concerned about the consequences on the NCAA recent changes to its rules on recruiting. (The Quad City Times)

We were merely freshmen.
Tom Fornelli looks at the incoming freshmen on Illinois offensive line. (The Champaign Room)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Johnny Manziel, Jeremy Hill, and Denzel Nkemdiche hanging out in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Johnny Manziel (left), Jeremy Hill (center), and Denzel Nkemdiche (right).

Is seems like an event isn't an event these days until Johnny Manziel shows up. And since the Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning starting quarterback is in New Orleans, we can officially say that Mardi Gras is on. What's bonus is the fact that he in the Big Easy with newly-comitted to Ole Miss defensive end Robert Nkemdiche and his brother, LSU running back Jeremy Hill, and Ole Miss linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche. 

No word yet to how Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin will react to the latest stop of the Johnny Manziel Victory Tour, but he can't be happy with Manziel in a yellow t-shirt and a purple hat with tiger stripes on it. Especially since LSU beat the Aggies last season.

EDIT: A reader pointed out that that's LSU running back Jeremy Hill, and not Robert Nkemdiche. Caption has been edited to indicate that. 

(via Lost Lettermen)

The Fallout: Urban Meyer, Mark Helfrich, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday edition. 

Eyes on the Prize?
Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer tries to convince concerned Buckeye fans that his primary focus is on beating Michigan, and not trying to contend with Alabama for the BCS title next season. In other news, Urban Meyer is lying. (The Detroit Free Press)

All the King's Men.
Andrew Gribble looks at the Alabama backup quarterbacks jockeying for position behind starting QB A.J. McCarron. (al,com)

No Rest for the Wicked.
Brad Shepard looks ahead to Tennessee's recruiting class of 2014. (Rocky Top Talk)

On the Mark?
Ryan Thorburn profiles new Oregon HC Mark Helfrich. (The Boulder Daily Camera)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Fallout: Cam Cameron at LSU? Lane Kiffin, Todd Grantham, Mack Brown, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday news and notes.

Cameron Feel the Noise? 
LSU is reportedly talking to former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to become the Tiger's new OC. (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

Thanks, but no thanks. 
Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham takes his name out of the running to be the New Orleans Saints' new DC. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Wither Georgia.
Neil Shulman ponders if Georgia's ability to recruit will be hampered by the departure of former Bulldog recruiting director Rodney Garner, who left to join the staff of new Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn. (Alligator Army)

Aloha, Waco!
Hawaii offensive lineman Blake Muir is transferring to Baylor. (Our Daily Bears)

Another One Bites the Dust.
USC head football coach Lane Kiffin has reportedly fired the Trojans OC Kennedy Polamalu. (The Crystal Ball Run)

A Few Small Repairs. 
Bobby Burton looks at what Texas HC Mack Brown can do to improve the Longhorns' recruiting issues.  Hint: quit doing stupid stuff like not signing either Robert Griffin III or Johnny Manziel. (The Austin American-Statesman)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nick Saban's Crimson Caravan victory tour to hit New York City, Atlanta.

The schedule for Alabama's annual Crimson Caravan, where Alabama head football coach Nick Saban and other Crimson Tide luminaries go out to meet and greet Crimson Tide supporters, has been released. This year tour is a little more Alabama-centric than last year's, though Saban will make appearances in New York City and Atlanta. Fans and boosters will also get a chance to see the 2013 Coaches Trophy.

April 25 - The Terrace Club at Club Quarters Midtown (New York City)
April 30 - The Wynfrey Hotel  (Hoover)
May 2 - Mobile Convention Center (Mobile)
May 7 - Von Braun Center (Huntsville)
May 9 - Wills Valley Recreation Center (Fort Payne)
May 14 - Harry Hinson Kiwanis Community Center (Andalusia)
May 16 - Turner Field 755 Club (Atlanta)
May 22 - Orange Beach Event Center at the Wharf (Orange Beach)

The NYC appearance on April 25 coincides with the first night of the 2013 NFL Draft, also in NYC that night.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Johnny Manziel makes 11 year-old Texas House page's day.

Photo courtesy of Team Whitaker.

While Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel was being honored by the Texas Legislature in Austin, Tx. on Wednesday, he took some time out from shaking hands and getting pictures taken with various  Legislatures members to have a picture made with Will Whitaker, an 11 year-old serving as a Texas House of Representatives page that day.

His mother Kathryn described her son on her family blog as a "kid who has cried himself to sleep for darn near every Aggie football game of his entire life" during Texas A&M's lean years of the past decade. Naturally, things changed last season with Manziel leading the Aggies to a successful first year in the SEC.  She claims her son had "almost worn out YouTube and 12th Man TV from watching all the (Manziel highlight) videos."

Mrs. Whitaker describes the meeting on her family's blog.

"Then I saw him meet you after you were recognized on the House Floor. He proudly shook your hand, took a picture and had you adorn his Page badge with your signature.

Those 30 seconds meant the world to him."

It's nice to hear how Manziel is inspiring the next generation.

(via Team Whitaker)

Johnny Manziel honored by Texas Legislature.

While most of the college football sports world was eagerly looking at high school boys signing their letters of intent yesterday, Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel quietly made a visit to enemy territory Austin, Tx., where he was honored by the Texas House and Senate for his on-the-field achievements this past season.

Manziel also got a chance to personally thank the Texas Legislature for the honor as well.

(via The Houston Chronicle)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pat Fitzgerald compares National Signing Day to getting engaged in the creepiest quote of the day.

As if National Signing Day wasn't already the creepiest day of the year, along comes Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald to totally creep you out with his description of what NSD is like.

"We believe a commitment is like getting engaged,'' Pat Fitzgerald told the Chicago Tribune. "We tell our young men, while you're dating, if you decide to date other people, that's great. But the minute you get engaged and set a wedding date, this dating is all off. If you decide to go back to dating after you've been engaged, no longer is there going to be a wedding.''

Nice, a 38 year-old coach comparing NSD to getting engaged to someone half his age.Nothing creepy about that, is there?

(via Dr. Saturday)

Rueben Foster signed letter of intenet while impersonating Nick Saban.

Just when you think National Signing Day - or as Black Heart Gold Pants calls it, "Creepypalooza" - couldn't get any creepier, along comes new Alabama recruiting class of 2013 member Reuben Foster to make things even creepier. Foster (aka "The Guy with the Auburn Tattoo") signed his letter of intent dressed as Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

Way too big straw hat? Check. Fleece Alabama vest? Check. Long sleeved-shirt to cover unfortunate Alabama Polytechnic tattoo? Double check. There probably hasn't been an NSD piece of performance art like this since Isaiah Crowell brought a bulldog puppy on stage when he committed to Georgia. And we all know how that turned out, don't we?

(via Saturday Down South)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dancing in the Ruins: Texas' problems, recruiting, and more.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 rising from the ruins of the old.

Texas World Problems.
Ben Philpott looks at the troubles surrounding the Texas football program. (KUT)

Pod People.
Berry Trammel looks at the possibility of a future 16-member Big 12 being comprised of four team "pods," which means "divisions" in English. (The Oklahoman)


Of Montrel.
Texas high school senior athlete Montrel Meander commits to Texas' 2013 recruiting class. (The Austin American-Statesman)

What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine.
Baylor succeeds in flipping Texas HS senior offensive guard Maurice Porter's 2013 commitment from Texas Tech. (Our Daily Bears)

TCU recruiting news.
Louisiana HS senior wide receiver Jermaine Antoine flips his 2013 commitment from North Texas to TCU. (Frogs O' War)

Thank you, sir. May I have another?
Texas HS senior safety Danzel Johnson commits to TCU, (Frogs O' War)

Covering Dixie: Recruiting, recruiting, and more recruiting.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - SEC news. 

Foster chooses Alabama. 
Alabama high school senior linebacker Reuben Foster commits to Alabama's 2013 recruiting class. (

Tennessee recruiting news.
South Carolina HS senior RB Jabo Lee commits to Tennessee's 2013 recruiting class. (Rocky Top Talk)

Arkansas recruiting news.
Florida HS senior RB Alex Collins commits to Arkansas 2013 recruiting class. (Arkansas Expats)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Johnny Manziel meets Ron Gronkowski? Johnny Manziel meets Ron Gronkowski.

From the "things you knew that were bound to happen" dept. comes this image of ubiquitous Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winning starting quarterback Johnny Manziel with ubiquitous New England Patriots tight end Ron Gronkowski. Is there really anything else than needs to be said about this pic? The only thing missing is Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane. If Kaner was caught hanging out with Gronk and Johnny Football, the sports blogosphere would crack in half.

(via Deadspin)

Big Tentacles: Recruiting, Illinois, Northwestern, and more.

Big Tentacles - Big Ten news and notes. 


Triple Play.
Iowa receives class of 2013 recruiting class commitments from Iowa high school senior linebacker Joesy Jewell, Iowa HS running back Akrum Wadley, and Texas HS wide receiver A.J. Jones. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Wait 'till next year. 
Minnesota HS junior RB Jeff Jones commits to Minnesota's 2014 recruiting class. 

Getting a head start.
Mark Snyder looks at the early enrollees of Michigan's 2013 recruiting class. (The Detroit Free Press)

In other news...

Put a ring on it.
Mike Jones goes down the list of Big Ten players on the Super Bowl XLVII winning Baltimore Ravens. (Off Tackle Empire)

The Unbearable Likeness of Being an Illinois Fan.
A Lion Eye laments the eternal disappointment coming from being an Illinois fan. 

Rediscovering history.
A football signed by legendary Iowa Heisman Trophy winning halfback Nile Kinnick and other members of the 1939 Iowa Hawkeyes football team has been rediscovered in a basement in a home in West Des Moines, IA. (The Quad City Times)

Let's do it again.
Northwestern and Wrigley Field announce a partnership which could see the Wildcats return to the Friendly Confines in 2014. (The Chicago Tribune

Covering Dixie: Mark Richt, recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - SEC news & notes.


We Are the Champions.
I Bleed Crimson Red has a like of former Alabama players on both the Super Bowl XLVII winning Baltimore Ravens, as well as the San Francisco 49ers. And no, Bama fans, you can't claim Super Bowl XLVII as the Crimson Tide's 16th national title.

One Hip to the Body.
 Georgia head football coach Mark Richt underwent hip replacement surgery on Saturday.  (The Athens Banner-Herald)


Triple play.
Arkansas receives class of 2013 commitments from Arkansas high school senior athlete Korliss Marshall, Texas HS senior running back Denzell Evans, and Texas HS senior cornerback Melvinson Hartfield. (Arkansas Expats)

What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine.
Georgia HS senior RB Peyton Barber flips his 2013 commitment from Ole Miss to Auburn. (

On the other hand...
Tennessee HS senior RB Jordan Wilkins commits to Ole Miss' 2013 recruiting class. Wilkins had previously committed to Auburn, but decommitted in January. (

Missouri recruiting.
Alabama HS senior defensive back Shaun Rupert commits to Missouri's 2013 recruiting class. (Rock M Nation)             

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Welcome to the Fallout:Arrests, recruiting, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout

I fought the Law, and the Law won.
Texas backup quarterback Connor Brewer was arrested for "public intoxication and carrying a fake driver's license." (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

Second verse, same as the first!
Texas A&M defensive lineman Kirby Ennis has been suspended following an arrest on gun-related charges. (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

I Confess.
Tennessee admits that it needs to get better with in-state recruiting. (The Knoxville News Sentinel)


Flipping Out.
Georgia high school senior running back Brendan Douglas flips his 2013 commitment from Georgia Tech to Georgia. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Oklahoma recruiting news. 
Texas HS senior cornerback Dakota Austin commits to Oklahoma's 2013 recruiting class. (Crimson and Cream Machine)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Texas OC Major Applewhite had "inappropriate relationship" with Texas student in 2009.

Texas offensive coordinator Major Applewhite has admitted that he had an "inappropriate relationship" with a University of Texas student around the time of the 2009 Fiesta Bowl. Applewhite was the Longhorns' running backs coach at the time.

''It was a one-time occurrence and was a personal matter,'' Applewhite said. ''Shortly after it occurred, I discussed the situation with DeLoss Dodds. I was upfront and took full responsibility for my actions. This is and was resolved by the university four years ago. Through counsel, I have worked with my wife and the incident is behind us.''

Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds says Applewhite was disciplined for the event with a pay freeze and ordered to undergo counseling.

(via AP/Yahoo! Sports, The Austin American-Statesman