Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Which teams have the best chance of dethroning the SEC in 2013?

Which college football teams have the best chance in 2013 to end the SEC seven-year long BCS title streak? Here is a completely unscientific look at  some of the best contenders for the SEC's crystal throne, next season and their chances of being able to take it.

Ohio State. The number one contenders for a)Managing to go 12-0 in a NCAA banhammered season, and b) Having Urban Meyer as the Buckeyes' head football coach. Note that Meyer's last trip to Atlanta with Florida for the SEC championship game in 2009 against Alabama didn't end too well.

Oregon. Possibly the school with the best chance of dethroning SEC royalty. It will depend on whether Oregon can manage the getting rougher PAC-12 seas.

Stanford. Same as Oregon, though with lesser chances of actually beating an SEC team. Biggest obstacle between the Cardinal and the Coaches' Trophy are the Ducks of course.

Notre Dame. Where were you last night?

Oklahoma. Remember when "Big Game Bob" wasn't an ironic moniker for Sooner HC Bob Stoops? Me neither. Probability of beating an SEC team in the BCS title game goes down if the opponent is Alabama. It goes down to about zero if it's Texas A&M. Probably will get tripped up in the regular season.

Oklahoma State. Actually faces an SEC team at the start of the 2013 with a neutral site game against Mississippi State in Houston's Reliant Stadium. The Pokes should be able to get around that, but good luck getting around Big 12 competition.

Boise State. High probability of going undefeated in the Mountain West. Will end up exiled to the Sugar Bowl or Fiesta Bowl.

Louisville. Yeah, the Cardinals beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl. The Gators acted like they wanted to be there as much as much as a vampire wants to be in a garlic and holy water emporium. Wouldn't do the same against a motivated SEC team in the BCS title game.

Northwestern. Actually beat an SEC team (Mississippi St.) in the Outback Bowl. Sadly, Mississippi St. will not be in the BCS title game next season. Also, good luck getting around Ohio St.

Northern Illinois. Oh child please.