Thursday, January 17, 2013

A.J. McCarron's mom talks about Katherine Webb.

Alabama TV station WPMI caught up with Dee Dee Bonner, mother of Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron. Obviously, the main subject of interview was McCarron's relationship with his  girlfriend,  Katherine Webb.

Bonner discussed some of the criticism of  the media frenzy surrounding Webb since the BCS title game.

"Of course, she's getting negative press, people saying she's asking for this," Bonner said. "The only thing this poor baby did was come to a ballgame to see her boyfriend play. She hasn't asked for any of this. AJ hasn't asked for any of this. It's evolved."

Bonner also denied that McCarron has asked Webb to decline any interviews. 

"I'm a prideful woman, so I told her you don't let a man tell you what your're going to do, first of all," a laughing Bonner told the NBC affiliate. "AJ has not told her to decline any interviews or anything like that."

Here's the full interview here, including Bonner's comments of Webb's hiring by Inside Edition to cover Super Bowl XLVII.

(via WPMI,