Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tommy Tuberville walked on dinner with recruits as he accepted Cincinnati head coaching job.

College football head coaches have been known to act pretty underhanded (if not outright douchy) when dumping their current coaching job for the next one. New Cincinnati HC Tommy Tuberville, however, may have just won the category for the worst defection ever.

"According to 247 Sports, Tommy Tuberville left 3 recruits at the dinner table in order to take the Cincinnati job. I’m sure these 3 guys feel pretty disrespected. It’s no secret that Tuberville was probably on the way out at TTU due to an incident of taking an assistant coach’s headset off in a dramatic fashion."

I'd go uber-sarcastic and say "Stay classy, Tuberville," but it's obviously too late for that. I'm beginning to think that Tuberville's nemesis at Auburn, Bobby Lowder, may have been right about him after all.

(via Throw the Flag)