Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Someone actually suggests that LSU should leave the SEC.

The end of the year always brings a string of slow news days in the media. That may the logical reason to explain why Scott Rabalais of The Baton Rouge Advocate would publicly suggest that LSU leave the SEC.

His reasons? Among other things, unfair scheduling (LSU has to face Georgia and Florida, Alabama gets Tennessee and Kentucky. Poor babies), permanent cross-division rivals (Again LSU gets Florida, Alabama gets Tennessee), and Alabama (see a pattern here?)

But where would LSU go? What would LSU do? Rabalias says the Big 12.

Where could LSU go? With the Big East dissolving, the ACC in flux, the Big Ten and Pac-12 too far away and independent status not a viable option for scheduling and economic reasons, LSU’s only real option would be to join the Big 12. It’s the conference closest to LSU in terms of physical location and philosophy.

It would be a coup for the Big 12 to nab LSU. There is also minute chances of this ever happening. Unless Texas A&M ends up knocking the Tigers' off their top tier rung on the SEC West ladder. That's probably not going to happen, even if The Aggies' success continues after Johnny Manziel is long gone.

(via The Baton Rouge Advocate. HT: And the Valley Shook.)