Friday, December 14, 2012

Realigned Big Ten divisions could resemble innermost circles of Hell.

Realigning the Big Ten Leaders and Legends to include new member schools Maryland and Rutgers is going to be more awkward than anyone could imagine. The Big Ten Network has a survey which provides three possible scenarios of what the new Big Ten divisions would look like. None of which are either logical or pretty.

The "easiest solution" would be to just put Rutgers in one division and Maryland in the other, and to heck with geography.  Then there's the idea to split the divisions along actual geographical east-west lines, which is complicated by having more schools than states, and having to put two school that share a state in separate divisions. Indiana and Purdue get the short end of the stick in the BTN's scenario.

Then there's quite possibly the most awkwardly absurd idea ever conceived in college football history*: A Big Ten with "inner" and "outer" divisions.

via Big Ten Network

Two divisions that combined resemble a Buckeye. I'm sure Michigan is going to go for this one. Worse, it brings up visions of the innermost circles of Hell, which after this past season, is a apt description of the B1G.

*With the possible exception of ESPN U UNITE.

(via Big Ten Network. HT Leather Helmet Blog)