Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oklahoma QB Landry Jones' college career will come full circle at Cowboys Stadium.

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones' college football career will end at the same place it began.

That may be normal for a college student at a low performing school who's first and last games at their home stadium. In this case, however, the scene is on a much grander scale. Jones's first game took place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tx. in a neutral site game against BYU. (The Sooners lost 14-13). Now his final college football game will again be at Cowboys Stadium, this time against Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl.

Jones' wife, Oklahoma women's basketball guard Whitney Hand, was the first to point out the fact to him.

"Whitney actually told me, I think it was the day after the Cotton Bowl was announced, that we were gonna go play there," Jones said of Cowboys Stadium. "She said how interesting it was to see how I've come full circle." 

Jones' quest to redeem himself after that first loss won't be easy, with the Sooners' facing Texas A&M and the Aggies' Heisman Trophy winning QB, Johnny Manziel. 

(via The Tulsa World)