Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Look upon Bret Bielema's Iowa tattoo, Arkansas, and despair.

This is Bret Bielema. The man who is the hope for the future of Arkansas football. This is the man who will be walking in the footsteps of Frank Broyles. Bielema may very well hold the fate of Arkansas football in his hands.

And here's Bret Bielema's Iowa Tiger Hawk tattoo, inked in all its glory on his left calf. Bielema had it done when as a walk-on  defensive lineman at Iowa, he earned a scholarship from then Hawkeye HC Hayden Fry :

 Look upon his Iowa tattoo, ye Hogs, and despair.

No matter how well Bielema does in Fayetteville, there will always be the big possibility that Iowa will call him home, and he will respond to its call gladly. Especially if Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz bombs as bad as he did this season.

(via Lost Lettermen. Inspired by Tyler Bray.)