Thursday, December 6, 2012

Johnny Manziel planning to wear Scooby-Doo socks to Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Of course I'm gonna run this pic of Manziel for this story.

Last year, Then Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III's Superman socks got as much press at Griffin did for winning the Heisman Trophy. Leave it to this year's presumed Heisman frontrunner, Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, to apparently take over in the quirky sock department. And yes, they involve Manziel's disturbing obsession with Scooby-Doo.

Luckily, Manziel enlisted the help of his uncle, Texas men's clothier Harley Hooper, in picking out the rest of his attire for Saturday night.

For the Heisman ceremony, Uncle Harley picked out a navy suit in a close-fitting, European fit, because "it's all about the fit," he says, "and Johnny can pull it off." Manziel will wear a marine blue, striped tie with a satin finish. "It's gonna look really good at night and in front of the cameras," Hooper says. "I mean, it's pretty – the girls in the store went crazy."

The idea for all three events was to create a classic, sophisticated and timeless look. Hooper says the goal is for his nephew to look like he's popped out of "the pages of GQ, a movie star in a great-looking suit." It's exactly what Johnny Football hoped for when he called for help.

"If I was gonna dress like somebody," he says, "I would dress like (Uncle Harley) every single day."
But underneath he'll be wearing something suited to a unique character:

"Scooby socks!"

Be afraid, America. The internet will be crashing Saturday night, as all of Aggieland is going to be looking online for those Scooby-Doo socks.

(via USA Today)