Sunday, December 23, 2012

Derek Dooley trolls Tennessee fans, Clay Travis on Twitter.

Former Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley has a lot of free time on his hands these days. And he's apparently using some of it for trolling on Twitter. A Derek Dooley twitter account appeared on Nov. 25. Wes Rucker says it's the real deal, so it must be His Hairness, right?

Dooley has tweeted on some of the things he's claims been doing since being booted out of Knoxville. The first one sounds like a shot at the Vols' fans who lustfully wanted Jon Gruden to be his replacement.

His next tweet took a swipe of longtime "Dool-Aid" critic Clay Travis.

If this is indeed Dooley, Twitter is about to get more interesting. This will whet the appetite of the fans of His Hairness until he takes his rightful place as a college football analyst for ESPN.

(via Throw the Flag)