Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big Tentacles: Michigan, recruiting news, and more insanity than usual. .

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and the influence it has on college football.

Seven the Hard Way.
The seven Big Ten teams going to bowl games this season are all listed as underdogs in their respective bowls. (The Detroit Free Press)

We will get by. We will get by. We will get by. We will survive.
Mark Snyder looks at how the suspensions of Michigan cornerback J.T. Floyd and two other players is affection the Wolverines as they prepare to face South Carolina in the 2013 Outback Bowl. (The Detroit Free Press)

Verlon Reed is an ex-Buckeye.
Ohio State backup wide receiver Verlon Reed has left the Buckeye football program. (The Columbus Dispatch)

My kinda town. 
Nebraska will face Northern Illinois at Soldier Field in Chicago in 2016. (The Chicago Tribune)


Northwestern recruiting news.
Texas high school junior defensive back Jordan Thomas commits to Northwestern's 2014 recruiting class. (Lake the Posts)

Illinois recruiting news.
Florida HS seinir Dionte Taylor commits to Illinois 2013 recruiting class. (The Champaign Room)


You're so Bain.
Ben Mathis-Lilley compares the Big Ten to Bain Capital. (BuzzFeed)

Big Ten Network 2: Electric Bugaloo.
Hammer and Rails imagines a sister network to the Big Ten to accommodate the coming additions of Maryland and Rutgers.  Includes shows like "COPS: Iowa City"and "Cooking with Rotel!"

The American Dream vs. Ryan Lochte. 
Another Black Heart Gold Pants work of genius. This isn't remotely football related, but is awesome. Also, I now believe that I've found who Ed Schultz's biggest influence was.