Sunday, November 11, 2012

Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel's family are trying to trademark "Johnny Football."

If you're planning to make your next million off of Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's hideous nickname you may already be out of luck. The school is working with the Manziel family to trademark "Johnny Football," and block any unauthorized use of what is the only nickname whiter than "Matty Ice."

"Texas A&M is working in concert with the Manziel family to trademark the nickname," said Shane Hinckley, who is assistant vice president of business development at the school and runs the Aggies' licensing program.

 The news comes less than two weeks after an organization called Kenneth R. Reynolds Family Investments, based in College Station, Texas, filed for the "Johnny Football" trademark. The namesake of the investment company could be a former and since deceased Aggie booster of the same name. A lawyer listed on the trademark filing did not return a call seeking comment, but a university official confirmed the lawyer was not working with the school nor the Manziels."

The move is seen as a way to block attempts by vendors from claiming the rights to "Johnny Football," as neither Texas A&M nor the Manziel family can profit from the use of the nickname without endangering Manziel's eligibility. But if they can't profit from "Johnny Football," then they're going to make sure no one else can, either.

(via ESPN, HT Deadspin)