Saturday, November 17, 2012

South Carolina raising money for statue honoring costumed mascot Cocky.

South Carolina wants to bronze its Cocky. Wait, that didn't come out the way I wanted it to. Neither did that last sentence. South Carolina would like to erect a bronze statue of Cocky.  Uhh..Let's just start over.

South Carolina wants to raise $100,000 so it can  place a bronze statue of beloved costumed mascot Cocky on Gibbes Green. Apparently spending money on a statue of a cosplayer is more important than honoring someone like the school's only Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers, but that's neither here nor there.*

Reaction on campus is mixed, to say the least, as some students would rather see the money go to something more useful like " scarce parking, aging dorms and rising tuition."

Anyhow, erecting any statue to a chicken is a stupid idea while The Big Chicken in Marietta, Ga. still exists.

All other chicken statues will pale in comparison,

*(Seriously, you punk Hershel Walker out of a Heisman, you deserve your own freakin' statue. Get with the program, SCAR!)

(via Lost Lettermen, HT: Leather Helmet Blog)