Friday, November 30, 2012

Report: Jon Gruden is just not that into Tennessee.

The Jon Gruden saga may finally be over. Sadly for Tennessee fans, it does not end with Chucky arriving in Knoxville riding in a chariot of fire, ready to lead the Vols to the Promised Land of the Georgia Dome. Reports now claim the rumored contract offer from Tennessee never existed, and Gruden turned down the school's advances to become its next head football coach.

"Overnight, it was reported by the Chattanooga Times Press that Gruden had a lucrative offer, but the holdup between the two parties was the salaries of the assistant coaches.

However, according to Jimmy Hyams of WNML radio in Knoxville, Gruden is out as a candidate, and there was no offer ever made, and no face-to-face interview was conducted. He told Tennessee, ‘thanks, but no thanks’. He basically used the propaganda at Tennessee as leverage for NFL jobs."

 Tennessee fans will be spending the rest of the weekend sweeping their shattered dreams of Gruden coaching the Vols. After all of this, the Tennessee coaching search is going to resemble the "Lowered Expectations" skits from the old MAD TV series on FOX.

(via Saturday Down South)