Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Does Nick Saban enjoy Iron Bowl week?

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban's press conference this week included one of those simple little questions that Saban responds with an answer several times more complex. The query this time around? Whether or Saban enjoys the Iron Bowl week lead up to the annual rivalry game against Auburn?

 "I enjoy coaching, I enjoy the challenges. I enjoy working with the players, trying to prepare them. I look forward to the opportunity we've created for ourselves. It's what great competitors, or people who like to compete, really enjoy doing. That's what you work for, to have an opportunity to win a division, win a big rivalry game, whatever the emphasis might be. That's what we work for. That's what's fun. From a coach's perspective, we need to be positive and energetic about the fact that we have this opportunity. We can't as coaches get all uptight and expect the players not to get all uptight. We need to approach this in a positive way. We need to coach and teach them to have the best opportunity they can to be successful in the game, and do that in a positive way. We need to focus on what they might create for themselves, not what they might lose. That's going to be the approach we take. It's always the approach we take. Hopefully our players will respond to it the right way."

Notice that Saban never with anything that can definitively be considered as a "yes." Nor does Saban use the terms "Iron Bowl" or "Auburn." That's coachspeak at it's finest. 

(via al.com)