Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Best SEC games of Week 13: Hate Week.

It's the final week of the regular season. That means it's time for those ever-popular annual instate rivalry games, along with a notable out-of-state rivalry games as well.

All games are on Nov. 24 unless otherwise noted. SEC schools are emboldened.

1. Georgia Tech @ Georgia (12 noon, ET. ESPN). The SEC East champs play host to the ACC Coastal division champs, which would be a bigger deal it GT hadn't backed it's way into it via Miami's post-season ban. Still, the Yellow Jackets have a better chance of ending the Dawgs' hopes for a BCS title game appearance than Auburn does with Alabama. Add to this the chance of this being Georgia QB Aaron Murray's last regular season CFB game, and you have the must-see SEC game of the week.

2. Auburn @ Alabama (3:30 pm ET. CBS). The only thing Auburn has left to play for this season is ending Alabama's dreams of repeating as BCS champs. The chance of the Tigers actually doing that may be slim, but probabilities and odds get thrown out the window in games like this.

3. Florida @ Florida State (3:30 pm ET. ABC) Florida's BCS bowl chances depend on  winning against FSU, then hoping the loser of the Alabama-Georgia SEC championship title game drops behind them in the final standings of the season.

4. South Carolina @ Clemson (7:00 pm ET ESPN) Clemson still has an outside chance at a BCS bowl. This should end being an interesting game.

5. Missouri @ Texas A&M (7:00 pm ET ESPN2) Together again for the first time SEC members. Mizzou could make this an interesting game. Aggie starting QB Johnny Manziel is guaranteed to do so.

6. Mississippi State @ Ole Miss. (7:00 pm ET. ESPNU) Mississippi State defends the Egg Bowl trophy against Ole Miss.

7. Kentucky @ Tennessee. (12:21 pm ET. SEC Network). This would've been the Dead Man Walking Bowl if fired Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley was coaching along with equally fired Kentucky HC Joker Phillips. As it is notably for possibly being Vols QB Tyler Bray's last college game.

8. LSU @ Arkansas (Nov 23 2:30 pm ET. CBS) Because you need a reason to stay away from the malls on Black Friday.

9. Vanderbilt @ Wake Forest (3:30 pm ESPNU). Vanderbilt vs. Wake Forest. Nuff Said.