Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cleveland radio denies claims it reported Browns being interested in Nick Saban.

Nick Saban from his Cleveland Brown DC days. Via SB*Nation.

Cleveland radio station 92.3 The Fan denies claims that it had reported Cleveland Browns were looking at hiring current Alabama head football coach Nick Saban as its HC for next season.The station says a discussion between two on-air talk show hosts on possible replacements for current Browns' HC Pat Shurmur, who is on the Hot Seat after a 1-6 start.

"It was not an official report from our station," said J.G. Spooner, host of 92.3's Saturday morning show that many claimed had reported the Saban rumor. Spooner debunked the claims in an interview with Birmingham station 97.3 The Zone. 

"We are hearing his name would be on a short list of names the Browns would be looking at. There has been no contact."

The rumors were also debunked by the station's program manager.

"It was a Saturday morning talk show, and two of our hosts were discussing that if the Browns couldn't attract an NFL coach, would they pursue a college coach like Nick Saban," said Andy Roth, the station's program manager, in an interview with WDAM in Cleveland.

 Saban was the defensive coordinator of the original version of the Browns (now the Baltimore Ravens) from 1991-1994.