Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brady Hoke defends Denard Robinson.

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. has gotten the brunt of the criticism from the Wolverines' 13-6 loss to Notre Dame two Saturdays ago. Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke spent time during his Monday press conference to defend Robertson.

“He’s our quarterback, and he’s a damn good quarterback,” Hoke said Monday at his weekly news conference. “We’re very comfortable and very confident in him (making progress).” 

Hoke also tried to put some of the responsibility for Michigan's less than stellar 2012 season on the rest of the team, as well as pointing out that yes, Robinson could do better.

“He’s got to play a little better — we’ve got to help him play a little better by blocking, better routes, catching better, competing better and we’ve got to, also, as a staff, (we’ve) got to make sure he can do the things we’re asking him to do,” Hoke said. 

“When you look at the process, it’s not all one guy. When you’ve got a linebacker in your face, and you’ve got somebody around your legs, sometimes it’s hard to finish plays like you’d like to. Do we want him to throw the ball away when the opportunity is there? Do we want him to be more on target with the ball at times? Yeah, no question. But it’s not just him, by any count.” 

Michigan has more issues than Robinson's inconsistent play. There's still enough time in the season to fix things and salvage the season before things start going completely off the rails.

(via The Detroit Free Press)