Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A.J. McCarron is underrated. Because Todd McShay said so.

If Todd McShay had his way , the NFL would have to wait until 2014 for A.J. McCarron's bow tie awesomeness.

What does ESPN draft guru Todd McShay think of Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron? He thinks the Crimson Tide QB is "underrated," that's what.

“He is probably the most underrated quarterback in college football today,” McShay said.
“I know he doesn't have the big time arm or the elite athleticism. But … he kind of got typecast or stereotyped coming into the year because he's an Alabama quarterback. Everyone wants to assume they're great everywhere else and he's going to be a game manager. 

That's not the case at all. He has a good arm. It's not elite, but it's very good. He can make all the NFL throws. He's really good in terms of his accuracy throwing on the run. This guy keeps getting a little better every time I watch him in terms of the little things you have to do to be a successful quarterback.”

McShay thinks McCarron should return to Tuscaloosa for his senior season in 2013, which would help his draft stock.

 “It wouldn't shock me if we're talking for the 2014 draft A.J. McCarran as a potential top 20 overall draft pick, because he's got enough tools,” McShay said, “and I just I like the way he plays the game.”

McShay has a point about McCarron staying at Bama for his senior season. He would probably get lost in a 2013 NFL Draft class which could potentially see QB's like USC's Matt Barkley, Oklahoma's Landry Jones, Georgia's Aaron Murray, and Tennessee star QB Tyler Bray, in the mix.

(via al.com)