Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Virginia Tech stadium sign vandalized. Georgia Tech fans suspected.

Total Jacket Move. Photo via AJC.

Kleptomania runs wild in Blacksburg, Va. Or at least it did last Monday night.  The sign in front of Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium was vandalized sometime after the Hokies season-opening overtime win over Georgia Tech. As you can tell from the above photo, the "T" in the word "stadium"

Georgia Tech supporters have been immediately blamed for the heinous act as a) "Stealing the T" is a classic prank at the North Avenue Trade School, and b) Techies are joking about it on Facebook.

Virginia Tech supporters are rather philosophical about the theft, reminding those on the "Only at Tech" Facebook page that "Y’all may have left with the T but you certainly didn’t leave with a W." Enough proof that winning is still the best college tradition of them all.

(via The Atlanta Journal Constitution)