Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Tyler Bray back tat shirt exists.

Shirts Without Random Triangles

There may be one thing on the University of Tennessee campus that can trump the fashion savvy and hair discipline of Vols head football coach Derek Dooley. That would be the legendary back tattoo of Vols star quarterback Tyler Bray.

With that in mind it was inevitable that someone would immortalize Bray's so-dorky-it's-awesome ink job on a t-shirt. And now someone has. The below shirt will reportedly be available for sale at the Florida-Tennessee game on Wednesday by a vendor or vendors outside the stadium. 

It would be easy to assume this is the back of the shirt. It's also easy to assume this is in no way authorized by the University of Tennessee, Tyler Bray, or His Hairness. So you'll probably want to make sure you get your hands on one before the cease and desist order from the courts comes out.

That said, I'm expecting at least one sign inspired by Bray's tat to show up on ESPN College GameDay on Saturday when it broadcasts from Knoxville on Saturday. Don't let me down, Vols Nation. 

(via Saturday Down South)