Friday, September 14, 2012

Tennessee mascot eats gator meat for ESPN College Gameday.

photo via The Knoxville News Sentinel

What better way to celebrate the Friday night before a huge game than to feast on the flesh of a rival's mascot. That's what Tennessee fans did on the Friday night before the Vols hosts the Florida gators at Neyland Stadium. They gathered at the Shrimp Dock in Bearden , Tn, to chow down on gator meat, and ESPN just happened to be there to record footage for College Gameday. Yes, gator meat.

That also explains why Smokey IX, the Vol's blue tick hound mascot was also there. What better way to get the opposing team riled up than to have some specimen of its mascot being munched on by the home team's animal mascot?

What's that, Smokey? It you wish you were eating Flordia's real mascot? Well, there's a problem here. You see, Florida's Albert Gator is really just a guy cosplaying in a  Gator costume and...wait, you know that? You'll have to come up with a substitute for Albert and...what's that, Smokey? Kenny Chesney? Okay, this got real creepy and disturbing real fast.

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel)