Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tavarres King calls Aaron Murray "a nerd."

Aaron Murray: Does this look like a nerd to you?

What does Georgia wide receiver Tavarres King think of Bulldog quarterback, Aaron Murray? He thinks Murray's "a nerd."

“He’s a nerd,” said wide receiver Tavarres King, one of Murray’s closer friends. “He’s always studying, and he already knows so much. It’s hard to even talk to him outside of football because it’s always going to get back to football, whatever we’re talking about.”

It's hard to think of Murray being a nerd with all of those dorky pictures of him on the internet. But, Dawg wideout Michael Bennett gets into a little more detail about Murray's supposed "nerdy" habits.

"Said wideout Michael Bennett: “He’s got some weird study habits when it comes to quarterback. He’s in here [at the football complex] all the time. He spends a weird amount of hours in here. … Sundays he’s in here real early. Saturdays he comes back here right after a game. He’s here five or six hours a day. It’s all football with him.”

Nerdy or not, those tend to be the habits of very successful quarterbacks. Murray's habits sound very much like those of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Both of which are Super Bowl champions. Don't be too surprised if you see Murray holding up the Lombardi Trophy someday.

(via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)