Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roy Roundtree's selflessness, Iowa's troubles, and more.

Big Tentacles 

-  The SWRT look at the Big Ten, and its sway over the college football landscape.

Everybody Hurts.
Jesse Collins tries to spin the Big Ten's disastrous first two weeks of the season by pointing out everybody else in the FCS has sucked too. Good luck on trying to sell that. (Off Tackle Empire)

Notre Dame fallout. 
Notre Dame Should not feel the need to keep Big Ten teams on its schedule with its new deal with the ACC. Because Mike Golic said so. (The Detroit Free Press)

There's no I in team. 
Michigan wide receiver Roy Roundtree is more concerned with helping the Wolverines' win than his own game stats. (The Detroit Free Press)  

Another man done gone.
Penn State loses another player as WR Shawney Kersey leaves the team citing the ever-vague "personal reasons." (ESPN)

The Paper Chase. 
Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini announces that Husker defensive tackle Chase Rome is an ex-Husker for the "foreseeable future." Yes, "personal reasons" are involved here too. (The Omaha World-Herald)

Describe Iowa's season so far in a word.
Yes that's exactly the word Black Heart Gold Pants uses as well. 

This is for the questions that don't have any answers.
Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz and company try to figure where the Hawkeyes' season went south. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)


Problem solved. Problem saying solved.
Iowa athletic director "Gary Barta Fixes The Iowa Offense." You should know this is Black Heart Gold Pants lunacy by now.