Friday, September 28, 2012

Ohio State weaning itself off MAC teams?

Ohio State may have fewer MAC schools to kick around on future schedules. The coming switchover from the BCS to a playoff system is the main cuprit for the Buckeyes wanting to wean itself off of schools from the non-BCS conference.

''We're changing our philosophy because we're obviously going to move into a playoff structure that I don't think all of us really understand yet, how the committee's going to work,'' (Ohio St. athletic director Gene) Smith said earlier this week. ''Many of us are assuming it's going to work similar to the (NCAA tournament) basketball committee, so your non-conference schedule will come into consideration as they evaluate whether or not you're going to be one of those final four teams.''

While college football fans tired of seeing the Buckeyes feast on so-called "cupcake" programs might approve of the move, Ohio St. would be sacrificing playing against the closest thing it has to in-state competition. Six of the MAC's current thirteen members (Akron, Bowling Green, Kent State and Miami (Ohio), Ohio, and Toledo) are located in Ohio.

(via AP/Yahoo! Sports)